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La Primavera di Vivaldi Posted by on Mar 29, 2010

È giunta la Primavera (spring is upon us), and to celebrate her arrival what  better way than by listening to Vivaldi’s Le Quattro Stagioni (the Four Season). A few days ago we had the pleasure of going to a great performance of this famous piece of music at Il Teatro della Rosa, a beautiful little…

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Italian Numbers 1-100 Posted by on Mar 27, 2010

I have had a couple of requests recently for a quick and easy list of numeri Italiani (Italian numbers) from one to one hundred. You can now learn to count in Italian. Allora, eccola (so, here it is): 1 uno 2 due 3 tre 4 quattro 5 cinque 6 sei 7 sette 8 otto 9 nove 10…

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Gesti Universali Posted by on Mar 23, 2010

To complement my series of blogs about Italian body language I thought it might be useful to take a look at a few universal gestures. Here are several that we all use: Fare segno, or fare cenno means ‘to make a sign’, and from this comes the expression ‘fare cenno di sì con la testa’…

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Cantanti Italiani – Sergio Cammariere Posted by on Mar 20, 2010

I first discovered the music of Sergio Cammariere about three years ago when a friend lent me his album ‘Dalla Pace del Mare Lontano’ (2002). I was immediately captured by his melodies and his wonderful improvisational piano work. Cammariere mixes the tradition of the Italian ‘Cantautore’ (singer songwriter) with Classical, Jazz, and Latin American influences…

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Gesture of the day – part 3 Posted by on Mar 17, 2010

It’s time to interpret yet another of those intriguing gestures that we Italians use, and today I’m going to look at one that my uncle Luciano, who is originally from Rome, uses a lot. But before I describe the gesture I need to give you a bit of background information. Fregarsene The verb fregarsene means…

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Una Barzelletta Posted by on Mar 14, 2010

Well we’ve survived the snow, although things were looking a bit desperate when we were down to our last few scraps of food (Geoff had his eye on one of the village cats but I think it got suspicious and ran off). To make matters worse we only had enough wood left to keep us…

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Un’altra veduta dalla mia finestra Posted by on Mar 10, 2010

Technorati Tags: neve in Italia Per tutti coloro a cui è piaciuto il mio blog ‘Una veduta dalla mia finestra’ eccone un altro… BIANCO! Sì, c’è neve e basta. Ecco i titoli dal ‘Corriere della Sera’ di oggi: L’ondata di MALTEMPO – Bora record a Trieste. Chiuso l’aeroporto di Bologna Gelo e neve, disagi in…

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