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You’re Learning Italian … Really?! Posted by on Aug 31, 2015

Addirittura is one of those words that often gets overlooked in classes and grammar books, but happens to be quite common, and very useful. It has two main uses: 1. addirittura?! = a polite exclamation of surprise and/or disbelief. Translation: really?!, seriously?! Synonyms: davvero?! sul serio?! Here are a few typical examples of its use:…

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Italian Quiz – August 2015 – The Solutions Posted by on Aug 27, 2015

Dear Readers, we’re truly touched by your responses, grazie mille! Our aim has always been to provide you with the kind of learning material that is most helpful to you, and your feedback helps us immensely as it gives us an insight into your needs as learners of Italian. Here are the solutions to our August Italian…

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Anyone Want A Kitten? Posted by on Aug 26, 2015

… or four! Book now to avoid disappointment. Today’s article, hot from the press, is in Italian without a translation. Have a go at it, and if you need any help or simply find it too difficult, let us know via the comments section or an e-mail, and we’ll be happy to give explanations or…

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Italian Quiz – August 2015 Posted by on Aug 24, 2015

Dear Readers, we’re beginning to feel lonely, comments on our articles seem to be scarce these days … is there anybody out there? Let’s find out with a little brain teaser. We shall be expecting LOTS of replies! Section 1: The Right Word Choose the correct word for each of the sentences below: It was a…

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How to Use Uno in Italian Posted by on Aug 21, 2015

In my last post we looked at the use of the definite article lo and its plural form gli. Today we are going to find out how to use the indefinite article uno (a/an) works. Rules for using uno: 1. when a masculine word begins with the letter ‘s’ followed by another consonant, e.g.: uno…

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