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Benvenuti Ai Chiosi

Due mesi fa la nostra amica Adriana, che possiede un Bed and Breakfast qui a Pontremoli, ha dato alla luce un bel bimbo. Ovviamente Adriana al momento è molto occupata col bebè, perciò ha chiesto a me e a mio marito di gestire ‘Ai Chiosi‘, il suo B&B . Così, un paio di giorni fa abbiamo fatto i bagagli e ci siamo trasferiti giù a valle.

Two months ago our friend Adriana, who owns a Bed and Breakfast here in Pontremoli, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Obviously at the moment she is very busy with the baby, therefore she has asked me and my husband to manage her B&B, ‘Ai Chiosi’. So a couple of days ago we packed our suitcases and moved down to the valley.

Ai Chiosi was once the farm complex belonging to the ‘Villa Dosi’, a large 17th century villa, framed by two majestic Lebanon Cedars, which is located on the northern periphery of Pontremoli. The farm building and a bit of land were acquired in 1929 by Adriana’s bisnonna (great-grandmother) who had emigrated to England, and invested the money she earned in various properties around Pontremoli.

In 2001 Adriana’s family decided to open the farmhouse as a Bed and Breakfast, and since then they have gradually expanded the business, converting il vecchio fienile (the old barn) into three en-suite bedrooms and un piccolo appartamento indipendente (a small self-contained apartment). Aspettate un attimo, ché c’è qualcuno alla porta………….. (wait a moment, there’s someone at the door)………..

Scusate l’interruzione, ma c’era un’emergenza! (Sorry about the interruption, but there was an emergency!) One of the girls who’s staying here tonight knocked frantically on our door saying: "Scusate il disturbo, ma le devo chiedere un grande piacere: c’è una bestia enorme in camera nostra! Non so che cos’è, ma ha mille zampe, e siamo troppo paurose per schiacciarlo! (Excuse the inconvenience, but I have to ask you a big favor: there is an enormous beast in our bedroom! I don’t know what it is, but it has got thousands of legs, and we are too scared to squash it!) So Geoff gallantly entered their room, armed with just a dustpan and brush, to save the maidens from the savage beast, which turned out to be un centopiedi mediterraneo (a Mediterranean centipede) all of three centimeters long! Geoff successfully evicted the uninvited guest from the window (he always tries not to harm animals, and spends hours maneuvering insects out of the way, even scorpions).

Allora, visto che staremo qui al B&B per un po’ di tempo, i prossimi blogs arriveranno dal vivo da ‘I Chiosi’, un posto bellissimo e tranquillo, immerso nel verde, a due passi dal centro storico di Pontremoli. Well then, since we will be staying down here at the B&B for a while, the next blogs will arrive live from ‘I Chiosi’, a beautiful, tranquil place, surrounded by trees and fields, just a short walk from Pontremoli’s historical center.

If you want to find out more about ‘Ai Chiosi’, you can visit this site: Ai Chiosi

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  1. William Auge:

    Salve Serena, Buona fortuna con la vostra lavora nuova della titolare del B&B. Ai Chiosi sembra essere a bel posto, e i prezzi sonno buoni. Guardando ai foti di Pontremoli e la circostante zona era piacevole.

    Auguri da William

  2. Joan:

    I’m so pleased to read that Geoff doesn’t feel the need to squash and kill any insect he encounters! It’s hard for me to understand why so many otherwise good, kind people just reflexively kill spiders and other bugs. You got a good man, worthy of you!

  3. beds:

    Congratulations Adriana for a new baby. I seen pics of Ai Chiosi and i really like to stay there when i will come in Italy.

  4. Bed and Breakfast Mid Wales:

    Really, I like this post and would like to know more about the Italy. Actually, I love travel and going to plan my next holiday’s tour of Italy with my friends.
    Thank you for sharing this post.


  5. Bed and Breakfast Mid Wales:

    very well and congratulation for the new born baby. It will make your traveling more memorable. I love the city, Venice and planning to visit.

  6. Krabi:

    Congratulations Adriana for new baby… No doubt, B&B is great option for family or group tours.

    Thank you Serena for sharing this beautiful post and

    • Serena:

      @Krabi and…..???

      please continue, Krabi.


  7. Krabi:

    and nothing special, actually, I am new here at this blog and try to become a part of this blog…

    Keep it up!

    Thanks & regards,


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