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Let’s find out how you got on with this month’s quiz, which was based on material from our recent posts.

Part 1: Vocabulary revision

a. In the 70’s pop singer Elton John was famous for wearing which type of footwear? (Italian name required) = le zeppe, gli zatteroni

b. In which Italian city were the above type of footwear popular between around 1400 and 1700, and what were they called? = Venezia, chopine

c. In Italian, end of season sales are called = I Saldi di Fine Stagione

d. and a bargain is called = un’occassione

e. in a shoe shop, how would you say: “I take a size 38”? = porto il 38

f. how would you say: “I like the grey ones better”? = mi piacciono di più quelle grigie/quelli grigi

g. how would you ask: “could you give me a bit of a discount? = mi potrebbe fare un po’ di sconto?

h. you can wear them, eat them, and plug electrical appliances into them … what are they? = le ciabatte

Il Calzolaio

Il Calzolaio

i. when you want to buy some shoes you go to a = negozio di calzature and when you want to get your shoes fixed you go to a = calzolaio

j. what expression do we use in Italian for mopping our plates with a piece of bread to finish off the sauce? = fare la scarpetta

k. when you want to buy a book you go to the = libreria and when you want to borrow a book you go to the biblioteca

l. if a shop assistant tells you: “l’abbiamo terminato” what do they mean? = we’ve sold out of them

m. how would you ask the shop assistant to gift wrap your acquisition? = mi può fare una confezione regalo per favore?

m. how would you ask: “how much do I owe you”? = quanto le devo?

Part 2: Replace the English words and phrases in the following dialogue with their Italian equivalents

Luisa: “Cosa fai domani?”

Serena: “ Vado giù a Sarzana a fare un po’ di spesa

Luisa: “Cosa vuoi comprare”

Serena: volevo  trovarmi un paio di scarponi leggeri per l’estate”

Luisa: “E basta?”

Serena: “No, mia mamma mi ha chiesto di trovarle delle lenzuola di cotone, hai qualche idea dove le posso trovare

Luisa: “Hmmmm sì, ti consiglio di andare a ‘Tutto Letto’, è un nuovo grande magazzino che vende di tutto per la camera da letto.”

Serena: “Okay, dove resta?”

Luisa: Allora, esci dall’autostrada e vai verso il centro, sai c’è quella grande rotonda/rotatoria?”

Serena: “Sì”

Luisa: Allora, vai a destra, verso Massa, ed è lì a duecento metri sulla sinistra.”

Serena: “Ho capito, grazie”

Luisa: “Figurati, buona spesa!”

Serena: “Grazie, a dopo, ciao.”

Well done everyone who had a go, a presto.

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  1. Lesley:

    why do you use volevo in “volevo trovarmi” when the question is in present tense should it not be Vorrei? Volevo is imperfect so why is it used in this sentence? Please can you explain.

    • Geoff:

      @Lesley Ciao Lesley, I believe that we can do the same thing in English can’t we?
      Shop assistant: “Can I help you?” Customer: “yes, I wanted (I was wanting = volevo)to find a pair of lightweight walking boots”, or “I was looking for a pair of …….” (“cercavo un paio di ……”).
      The imperfect, volevo (cercavo, ecc.), and the conditional, vorrei are interchangeable in this situation. They are both used as a polite form of asking for something instead of using the present tense, ‘voglio’, which is a demand.

      Saluti da Geoff

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