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Nursery Rhymes in Italian Posted by on Dec 17, 2021 in Italian Language

Ciao a tutti!

What better way to learn a language than through catchy songs? Nursery rhymes and songs are one way we introduce children to language, so I wanted to share some common ones in Italian below. 😊 Share it with any little ones that may be in your life, or enjoy it on your own to help you learn as a native Italian child would!

Batti batti le manine

Batti batti le manine

Che son belle e piccoline

Son piccoline come te.. 1, 2, 3!

Clap clap your little hands

that are beautiful and small

Small like you…1, 2, 3! 

Stella Stellina

Stella stellina
La notte s’avvicina
La fiamma traballa
La mucca è nella stalla

La mucca e il vitello
La pecora e l’agnello
La chioccia e il pulcino
La mamma coi bambini
Ognuno ha la sua mamma
E tutti fan la nanna

Star Little Star
The night is coming
The flame is trembling
The cow is in the stable

The cow and the calf
The sheep and the lamb
The mother hen and the chick
The mother with the children
Each has their mom
And everyone sleeps

Farfallina bella e bianca

Farfallina bella e bianca
vola vola mai si stanca
vola qua, vola là:
mai nessun la fermerà!
Vola, vola ore ed ore
poi si posa su un bel fiore
vola qua, vola la:
mai nessun la fermerà!

Little butterfly beautiful and white
flies, flies and never gets tired
flies here, flies there:
no one will ever stop her!
Flies, flies hours and hours
then she stops on a beautiful flower
flies here, flies there:
no one will ever stop her!

Do you know any others? Scrivetemi!

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