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L’Interrogatorio Posted by on Jul 9, 2018

Today, in part eight of ‘The Strange Case Of The Irregular Body’, we’re going to follow Inspector Augusto and Lieutenent Ciceri as they question the crew of a fishing boat containing human parts. You can read all the previous chapters by clicking on the following links: Chapter 1: The Strange Case Of The Irregular Body…

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A Few More Bodies – English Translation Posted by on Jun 18, 2018

Dear readers, as quite a few of you have requested an English translation of the latest chapter of our detective story … eccola! Story by Serena, English translation by Geoff Ispettore Augusto: “Allora Tenente, sono finalmente arrivati i risultati del test del DNA?” Inspector Augusto: “Well Lieutenant, have the results of the DNA test finally…

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A Body Of Evidence Posted by on May 11, 2018

The strange case of the irregular body continues to unfold. Today we find our inspector Augusto at the morgue speaking with the medical examiner Dottor Della Salma. Chapter 1. The Strange Case Of The Irregular Body Chapter 2. An Extremely Subjunctive Investigation Chapter 3. A Not So Perfect Witness L’ispettore Augusto √® all’obitorio a colloquio…

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Che Palle! Posted by on Nov 2, 2017

Well, we’ve discussed bottoms, now I think it’s time to move onto another anatomical region that gives rise to a plethora of colloquial Italian expressions … balls! My recent inclusion of the expression ‘che palle’ in our blog Una Gita A Parma, and more expressly my English translation ‘what a bore’, seems to have caused…

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Che Culo!!! Posted by on Oct 30, 2017

It’s interesting, and rather amusing, that an article about a cultural visit to Parma should generate so much controversy about bottoms! Well, let’s put that controversy to rest shall we? But first, a word of advice dear readers. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: don’t get hung up on literal…

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Una Gita Culturale – Part 2. Posted by on Oct 24, 2017

At 10:30 on Friday morning, we successfully navigate our way into the centre of Parma and, leaving our car in the dark, narrow, and very expensive underground car park, emerge just a few meters from Il Palazzo della Pilotta, right on the edge of il centro storico. Price shock number one: “Quattordici euro per sei…

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Una Gita Culturale – Part 1 Posted by on Oct 19, 2017

Not long ago, Geoff was chatting with a couple of friends in the bar about the imminent arrival of winter and how to pass the time, “perch√© qua a Pontremoli, non succede un cavolo di niente!” We need to keep our brains alive somehow, said Geoff … how about we organise una gita culturale (a…

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