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Speaking Italian … More Or Less Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

“Parli l’italiano?” (Do you speak Italian?), “Più o meno” (More or less). I guess that ‘più o meno’ is a reply that many of us might give to the question ‘parli l’italiano?’, vero? Well it’s probably one of the expressions that most students of Italian learn fairly early on. Because just for once in this…

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Carmela’s Little Black Book Posted by on Oct 14, 2015

She awoke suddenly in darkness, a strange light flickered around the door frame sending menacing shadows dancing across the walls. Smoke … her throat was parched, she began to cough. Stumbling across the room she reached for the door handle and cried out in pain as it burnt her palm. An intense panic welled up…

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Useful Conversational Rejoinders Posted by on Feb 23, 2015

As learners of Italian we’ve all found ourselves in situations where our limited vocabulary makes us sound like fumbling four year olds, vero? Yes we’ve studied our grammar, we’ve rehearsed fantastical Italian conversation in our heads, we’ve made grand speeches on the most fascinating of topics in la bella lingua …. and suddenly there we…

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