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All About ‘-ing’ Posted by on Apr 8, 2015

In English, we make extensive use of the suffix ‘–ing’. In Italian, however, there are a number of different ways in which ‘–ing’ can be translated. Let’s have a look at three of the most common ones: 1. Il Gerundio = The Gerund a. sto scrivendo un articolo = I’m writing an article b. stiamo…

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Italian Grammar Quiz – The Solutions Posted by on Jan 22, 2014

Here, as promised, are the correct answers to the quiz that we published a few days ago. If you haven’t already had a go at it you can find it here. 1. It keeps the wind off your face in the car. The correct answer is il parabrezza (literally ‘the breeze stopper, the windshield/windscreen of…

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Italian Grammar Quiz Posted by on Jan 17, 2014

How many of you made a new years resolution something like this: “This year I’m going to really make an effort to study Italian”? Well here’s a little quiz to give you a kick-start. This quiz highlights some subtle but important grammatical differences. See how many you can solve. 1. It keeps the wind off…

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