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A Long Train Journey Posted by on Jun 13, 2019

Did you read Serena’s recent blog, Un Lungo Viaggio In Treno, and if so, did you arrive at a satisfactory translation? Here’s my version. It’s not a literal word by word translation, but an interpretation, something that all students of Italian should be aiming at. Cosa c’è di più bello che guardare fuori dal finestrino…

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Un Lungo Viaggio In Treno Posted by on Jun 6, 2019

Cosa c’è di più bello che guardare fuori dal finestrino di un treno e vedere il paesaggio cambiare lentamente? Un paio di fine settimana fa sono andata a Roma ad incontrare i miei amici d’infanzia e così, dopo tanti anni, ho rifatto un lungo viaggio in treno. Dico lungo perché Pontremoli non è ben collegata…

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When The Train Runs On Time Posted by on Jan 23, 2017

Dear Readers, we feel that it’s important to keep you up to date with the latest Italian news headlines. Please read the following article very carefully. You can find the English translation by clicking on the word TRANSLATE at the end of the blog. Treno La Spezia – Livorno Arriva In Orario: L’ira Dei Passeggeri…

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At The Railway Station In Italy Posted by on Nov 2, 2016

In English there’s a particular name for unhelpful public employees: jobsworth, an abbreviation of the phrase “I can’t let you do that, it’s more than my job’s worth”. The jobsworth seems to delight in upholding petty rules at the expense of humanity or even common sense. Isn’t it wonderful then, when you come across their…

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A Brief History of the Italian Railways Posted by on Apr 29, 2014

There are many ways to explore the beauties of the Italian landscape, but surely one of the most romantic and evocative must be by steam train. Treno Natura, a romantic journey through the heart of Tuscany by steam train I’ve just read a brief history of the Italian railways, which I raced through in un…

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