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When The Train Runs On Time Posted by on Jan 23, 2017 in News

Dear Readers, we feel that it’s important to keep you up to date with the latest Italian news headlines. Please read the following article very carefully. You can find the English translation by clicking on the word TRANSLATE at the end of the blog.

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Treno La Spezia – Livorno Arriva In Orario: L’ira Dei Passeggeri

Gravi disagi si sono registrati ieri sulla linea ferroviaria La Spezia – Livorno di TrenoItalia, causati da un evento assolutamente singolare ed inaspettato. Il treno regionale 916, che sarebbe dovuto partire da Pisa Centrale alle ore 09.55, non ha portato i soliti 20/25 minuti di ritardo, spiazzando completamente gli abitudinari pendolari i quali hanno così perso il treno.

Molti dei viaggiatori in attesa sui binari hanno osservato arrivare e ripartire il treno in tutta tranquillità, credendo che si trattasse di un altro mezzo, dal momento che su questa linea non si era mai verificato un transito in orario.

Una volta resisi conto dell’accaduto, alcuni viaggiatori furiosi hanno tentato di sabotare la ferrovia di TrenoItalia andando a rubare del rame all’altezza di Pisa San Rossore, ma lì si sono scontrati con i numerosi Rom che fin dalle prime ore del mattino erano al lavoro per accaparrarsi il pregiato metallo.

Solo l’intervento delle forze dell’ordine è riuscito a scongiurare il peggio. L’amministrazione di TrenoItalia si è ufficialmente scusata con i viaggiatori e ha promesso che episodi come questo non accadranno mai più.



La Spezia – Livorno Train Arrives On Time: The Anger Of The Passengers

Serious disruption was recorded yesterday on the TrenoItalia La Spezia – Livorno line, caused by an absolutely singular and unexpected event. Regional train 916, that should have left Pisa Central at 09:55, wasn’t its usual 20/25 minutes late, completely disorientating the regular commuters who therefore missed the train.

Many of the travellers waiting at the platform calmly observed the train arrive and depart, believing that it was another, since a train had never been on time before on this line.

Once they realised what had happened, some of the furious travellers tried to sabotage the TrenoItalia railway by going to steal the copper up at  Pisa San Rossore, where they clashed with the numerous Gypsies who had been working there since the early hours of the morning to grab the precious metal.

Only the intervention of the forces of law and order prevented a nasty situation. The administrators of TrenoItalia have officially apologised to the travellers, and have promised that episodes such as this will never happen again.



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  1. Chippy:

    Sul serio??!!

  2. paolo minotto:

    Ciao Geoff,
    Non capisco “resisi conto”. Lo so proviene da “rendere conto” ma quale coniugazione?

    Grazie ,

    • Geoff:

      @paolo minotto Ciao Paolo, the important thing to note here is that the verb is reflexive: rendersi conto, not rendere conto.
      In that particular construction there are two possibilities:
      Una volta che si sono resi conto dell’accaduto
      Una volta resisi conto dell’accaduto

      Both have the same meaning (Once they realised what had happened) but the second is more likely to be found in written rather than spoken Italian.
      I’ll add rendersi conto to the list of topics to be covered in our blogs, va bene?
      Ti saluto, Geoff 🙂

  3. Bill Auge:

    That is too funny, sounds like a great scene for a dark comedy movie.

  4. Rosalind:

    Questo articolo somiglia a l’articoli burleschi di “Il giornale italiano”. C’è un altro trattando d’una “piramide sommersa a largo de La Maddalena”.

  5. paolo minotto:


  6. Christine:

    Ciao Serena e Geoff!
    I know I should be writing this in Italian, but in the interest of time today it is necessary to proceed in English. I am neck deep in grammar having done presente, passato prossimo, riflessivi, imperfetto, futuro and a few others thrown in ……now trying to bring it all together to form real sentences that contain more than 6 words.

    My intent here is to push you into the spotlight regarding your blogs. I discovered that I can type in almost anything in the search bar related to grammar that I didn’t see in the archives and find great, well laid out explanations. You both have the gift of having a teacher’s mindset and clarify the facts precisely in a way to be well understood. I would like to see grammar continually presented as you have done so many times in story form.

    Your contribution is greatly appreciated beyond measure and hope you continue with the same format – stories, great explanations, images – YOU’RE THE BEST!

    P.S. Any suggestions from you about keeping track of the vast amount of grammar would be helpful. It can be a bit like a grammatical salad!

    Still looking for bio on you folks – Your blogs are fun, interesting, relevant and you have a lot to do with that.

    • Geoff:

      @Christine Ciao Christine.
      Yes, hmm, the bio … I honestly had a go at it … and hated it! Give me a clue, what sort of things would you like to know about us? That might help me get started.

      Ti saluto, Geoff 🙂

  7. Christine Percival:

    Hey, thanks Geoff, for responding about the bio. You and Serena make such an enormous contribution to learning and understanding the Italian language – truly a gift for us students.
    It is always fun for us to know a little bit about the folks that brings such great life to a language.

    As a teaching tool, may I humbly request that you post the questions and answers in a story form –in English and Italian
    which would be a nice little exercise for us students. Or you could write the entire text in Italian and publish the answers later – we love challenges, right!!
    The answers don’t have to be long!

    1. Where did you each grow up

    2. When and how did you learn the Italian language

    3. How did you two meet

    4. What are three things you love to do in Italy

    5. Your favorite cities in Italy and one reason why

    6. Your favorite food and your favorite restaurant – I know it’s almost impossible to narrow that one down

    7. Regarding employment, what was/is your favorite job

    8. Your favorite vacation spot

    9. 1-2 things you like about daily life in Italy

    10. One of your best recommendations for learning and remembering Italian grammar.

    (Your blog is one of my faves because of stories that use multiple grammar tenses, they are relevant to every day life in some form, interesting, fun and a great way to learn and store grammatical concepts.)

    I know this is a lot to ask and please don’t feel you have to respond to all the questions, but I appreciate your time and effort!

    My best,

    • Christine:

      @Christine Percival I am not sure what it means when you state that comment is awaiting moderation When I click on edit, nothing happens. What should I do

      • Geoff:

        @Christine Have you changed your e-mail? We have to approve/moderate all comments that come from an unknown e-mail. So if you log in with a new, or different mail it has to be approved as if you were a first time commenter.
        Anyway, your comment is now ‘moderated’ … and that’s quite a challenge you’ve set for us. We’ll see what we can come up with!

        A presto, Geoff 🙂

        • Christine:

          @Geoff Grazie, Geoff!!
          No, my email is the same as yesterday and 5 years ago. Never changed. I never need to log in. I have your website set on my desktop and go directly to it from there with no log in necessary.

          Thanks for accepting my in depth questionnaire!
          Looking forward to this!
          A presto,

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