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10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson – 3 Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Culture, Grammar

When is the good time to read this 10 minute a day lesson??

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So, when is the good time to spend 10 minute a day to learn my quick Japanese lesson? Someone just asked me the other day, and I have to tell you, it could be really anytime of the day, but I would suggest that if possible, you read and learn first thing in the morning. This way before you get busy with your day, you get your Japanese learning done! 🙂

So, here is my 3rd lesson in January.

Today’s topic is all about the busy life we all have.


1. Kyou mo isogashi desu.

==> I am busy again today.

きょうも いそがしい です。

今日も 忙しい です。


2. Kyou mo isogashisou desu ne.

==> You look busy again today.

きょうも いそがし そうですね。

今日も 忙し そうですね。


3. Oisogashii tokoro sumima sen.

==>Sorry to bother you while you are busy, sorry to trouble you while you are busy

おいそがしいところ すみません。

お忙しいところ すみません。


4. Konshu matsu mo isogashii desuka?

==> Are you going to be busy this weekend also?

こんしゅう まつも いそがしい ですか?

今週末も 忙しい ですか?


5. Isogashii no ni wa narete masu.

==> I am used to being busy.

いそがしい のには なれてます。

忙しいの には なれてます。


6. Kondo isogashiku naitoki ni mata aima shou.

==> Next time when you are not busy, let’s get together.

こんど いそがしく ないときに あいましょう。

今度 忙しく ない 時に 会いましょう。


7. Isogashi kute nannimo suru jikan ga arimasen.

==> I am too busy to do anything.

いそがしくて なんにも する じかんが ありません。

忙しくて 何にも する 時間が ありません。




Vocabulary Lesson

Isogashii: busy (忙しい、いそがしい)

Isogashi so: looks busy (忙しそう、いそがしそう)

Sumimasen: sorry to bother you, sorry to trouble you (すみません)

Konshu matsu: this weekend (今週末、こんしゅうまつ)

Nareru: to get used to (慣れる、なれる)

Kondo: next time (今度、こんど)

Au: get together (会う、あう)

Nannimo: anything (何にも、なんにも)


These are such a simple expressions, so you can probably master these less than 10 minute.. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next series of 10 minute a day learning.


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About the Author:keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Anj:

    In a few months you are going to be grade5
    I hope you will study hard I know you can do it.
    In every good things and sometimes bad but you learned from and keep listening to us we are so proud of you ..family we are always here for you.

    Hi pls help me to translate this letter to my daughter in nihonggo school requirements and if you have to add pls do.thankyou.

    • keiko:

      @Anj Hi Anj,

      Below is my translation:

      いいことも悪いことも いろいろあったけれど、いつもしっかりと私たちの
      言うことを聞いてくれて とても誇りに思います。

      Hope this helps!


  2. Naser:

    Keiko arigato gozaimasou! 🙂