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10 minute-a-day Japanese Lesson -8 Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in Culture, Grammar

7 most commonly used Japanese expressions to show your thoughtfulness for others.

Photo from Yuki Yaginuma on flickr.com

I didn’t realize but this 10 minute a day Japanese lesson series is approaching to the 10th lesson in no time. Hope you have been learning some key expressions we use in Japanese in this series. I will do a quick summary at the last lesson so you can review everything you have learned so far.


The 8th lesson of this series is all about being nice and thoughtful to others.  Being considerate to others is always nice thing to do in any culture. In Japanese, we have typical and common way of saying things when it comes to being thoughtful. I would like to share some of them here with you.  Read on~.


1. Otuskare mitai dane. Daijo bu?

==>You look tired, are you ok?

お疲れ みたい だけど、大丈夫?

おつかれ みたい だけど だいじょうぶ?



2. Saikin okaradano choshi wa do desuka?

==>How are you feeling these days?

最近 お体の 調子は どうですか?

さいきん おからだの ちょうしは どうですか?



3. Do zo gojiai kudasai mase.

==>Please take good care of yourself.

どうぞ ご自愛 くださいませ。

どうぞ ごじあい くださいませ。



4. Hayai gokaifuku o oinori shite orimasu.

==>I wish you a speedy recovery.

早い ご回復を お祈りして おります。

はやい ごかいふくを おいのりして おります。



5. Itsumo yoru osokumade otsukare samadesu.

==>Thank you always for working hard late into the night.

いつも 夜遅く まで お疲れ様です。

いつも よる おそくまで おつかれさまで です。



6. Mainichi isogashi desuga, otagaini shigoto ganbari masho.

==>Its been so busy, but let’s both do our best at work.

毎日 忙しいですが お互いに 仕事 頑張り ましょう。

まいにち いそがしい ですが、おたがいに しごと がんばり ましょう。



7. Saikin sutoresu tamatteru mitai dakedo, murishinai dene.

==>You look like you’ve been stressed out these days. Don’t overdo it.

最近 ストレス 溜まってる みたい だけど 無理 しない でね。

さいきん すとれす たまってる みたい だけど むり しない でね。


Giving someone a quick and simple thoughtful words goes a long way. It is easy to notice someone going through tough time and not say anything about it, but why not take your time to show that you care about that person in simple words. It will brighten up his/her day, I am sure.  🙂

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About the Author:keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Marietta Lozano-Keays:

    This is great! Thank you!

  2. Paul:

    Great lessons! Can you add any audio? It can be difficult to guess the pronunciation.

  3. Joy:

    Each week I truly enjoy learning Japanese from your site. I’ve used the info in teaching my Japanese students English. I’d like to make one recommendation. In American culture it is not kind to say things about a person such as “you like tired” or “you look stressed”. Maybe this is just a cultural difference but in any language, a person most likely knows he or she isn’t looking her best and probably not feeling her best (as we all have stressed out times) but pointing this out to a person who already doesn’t feel well only makes the person feel worse. You look bad, you look stressed, you look fat….not so nice. The saying “you look stressed, don’t over do it” is a bit condescending. The intention is good, but pointing out how bad someone looks is not being a friend, not showing empathy. There are many ways to help a friend but saying something negative about his/her looks then a condescending “don’t over do it” in my opinion, isn’t something I’d like to hear. I hope we can think of many ways to help lend a hand to a person who is feeling stressed and make that person feel better and feel that he/she has a friend who cares. Please keep up the great work as I enjoy each week.