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Learning Japanese for Business –4 Posted by on Apr 30, 2015

Giving Presentations Today’s topic is all about giving presentations. I have covered a few themes related to learning Japanese for business during the last few posts. Below are some of the most useful expressions you could apply to any of your presentations. Read on! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are ready to start the presentation. – Presen o…

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Learning Japanese for Business – 3 Posted by on Apr 28, 2015

Making an appointment  Today’s post is all about making an appointment. How would you say, “I would like to set up an appointment with Mr.Tanaka ” in Japanese? Well, when you would like to set up an appointment with someone, here are some useful phrases you can use. These expressions can be used over the…

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Learning Japanese for Business – 2 Posted by on Apr 27, 2015

Are we on the same page?  Here is another lesson about Japanese for business. You could use these expressions in any occasions, but here I have collected some of the useful expressions you can use when you would like to make sure if the person you are talking to really understood what you meant. These phrases…

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Learning Japanese for Business – 1 Posted by on Apr 20, 2015

For the next few articles, I would like to focus on some of the  useful Japanese expressions you can use, perhaps in your business.  Many of you have mentioned that you would like to know more about Japanese expressions you can use for business purposes.   In the business environment, the most…

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Japanese Honorific Suffixes Part 4 Posted by on Apr 14, 2015

So far, I have covered a couple of Japanese honorific suffixes since last month. Here are some of the past suffixes if you would like to review. Japanese Honorific Suffixes Part 1 (~さん) Japanese Honorific Suffixes Part 2 (~ちゃん) Japanese Honorific Suffixes Part 3 (~くん) Last honorific suffix that I would like to cover is ~sama(さま)…

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