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8 Must Know Japanese Kanji’s related to Family Posted by on Jul 14, 2018 in Culture, Grammar

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Hi everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the summer and longer days.  Love how we can still enjoy the outdoors in later hours to go for a walk or enjoy after dinner activities. 🙂

This month, I received a request to write about the Japanese Kanji’s based on topics that will hopefully give you a good “introduction” if you are new to Kanji’s or “refresher” if you had already studied them before. Based on each of the category, I will pick the most popular and important ones for you to focus on.  Sounds interesting enough? Let’s get started the first article for this month. (although it’s already a mid month.. sorry everyone! ) Read on~.


Kanji Challenge Series 1 – Family


These are the 8 basic must know Kanji’s related to “Family”.


Family = Kazoku  



There are 6 people in my family.

Watashi no Kazoku wa roku nin kazoku desu.

わたしの かぞくは ろくにん かぞく です。

(私の 家族は,六人 家族 です。)



Father = chichi, otōsan



My father is a high school teacher.

Watashi no chichi wa kōkō no sensei desu.

わたしの ちちは こうこうの せんせい です。

(私の父は 高校の 先生です。)



Mother = haha, okāsan



My mother is 55 years old.

Watashi no haha wa gojyūgo sai desu.

わたしの はは は ごじゅうご さいです。

(私の母は,五十五 歳です。)



Older brother =ani, onīchan, onīsan



I have two older brothers.

Boku ni wa onīchan ga futari imasu.

ぼくには, おにいちゃんが ふたり います。

(僕には,お兄ちゃんが 二人 います。)



Younger brother = otōto, 



My younger brother is in 3rd grade.

Watashi no otōto wa san nensei desu.

わたしの おとうとは さんねんせい です。




Older sister = ane, onēchan, onēsan 



I wish I had an older sister.

Onēsan ga itara iina.

おねえさんが いたら いいなぁ。

(お姉さんが いたらい いいなぁ。)



Younger sister = imōto, 



My younger sister is only 5 years old.

Watashi no imōto wa mada go sai desu.

わたしの いもうとは まだ ごさい です。

(私の 妹は まだ 五歳 です。)




Grandfather = sofu, ojīchan, ojīsan



My grandfather lives in Japan.

Watashi no sofu wa nihon ni sunde imasu.

わたしの そふは にほんに  すんでいます。

(私の祖父は 日本に 住んでいます。)



Grandmother = sobo, obāchan, obāsan

My gradmother loves knitting.

Watashi no sobo wa amimono ga daisuki desu.

わたしの そぼは あみものが だいすきです。

(私の祖母は,編み物が だいすきです。)


So, here is a quick summary of the Kanji’s from today’s lesson.


not too bad right!? 😉

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