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All about Christmas – Must Know Japanese Vocabulary Posted by on Dec 17, 2014 in Culture, Grammar

Hi everyone,

Christmas is already coming up next week. Are you ready for Christmas? This might be the busiest time of the year for some of you, getting your presents ready for everyone, shipping them out to friends & family, also perhaps, getting your house ready to welcome some guests?  I know I am pretty busy around this time of the year, and heavy traffic does not help at all outside. I guess everyone is going through the same thing at the same time!

In today’s blog, I would like to introduce you to Must Know Japanese Vocabulary related to Christmas. Read on!


Christmas – クリスマス (Kurisumasu)

Santa – サンタ (Santa)

Mr. Santa – サンタさん (Santa-san)

Wreath – リース (ri-su)

Christmas Wreath – クリスマス リース (Kurisumasu ri-su)

Christmas Carol – クリスマス キャロル (Kurisumasu kyaroru)

Present – プレゼント (Puresento)

Christmas Tree – クリスマス ツリー (Kurisumasu tsuri-)

Ornament – オーナメント (O-namento)

Decoration – かざり (飾り) (Kazari)

To decorate – かざる (飾る) (Kazaru)

To decorate ornaments – オーナメントを飾る(オーナメントをかざる)-(Ornament o Kazaru)

Rain Deer – トナカイ (Tonakai)

Candle – ろうそく (Rousoku)

Bell -ベル  (beru)

Holiday – きゅうじつ(休日)(Kyu-jitsu)

Party – パーティー(Pa-ti-)

Christmas Party – クリスマス パーティ (Kurisumasu Pa-ti-)

Frosty – しおのおりた、(霜の降りた)とても寒い (とてもさむい) (Shimono orita) (Totemo samui)

Snowman – ゆきだるま (雪だるま)(Yukidaruma)

Snow – ゆき (雪)(Yuki)

Merry – ようきな (陽気な) (Yo-kina)

Family – かぞく (家族)(Kazoku)

Greeting – あいさつ (挨拶)(Aisatsu)

Family Gathering – かぞくのあつまり (家族の集まり)(Kazokuno atsumari)

Christmas Dinner – クリスマスのゆうしょく (クリスマスの夕食)(kurisumasu no yu-shoku)

Christmas Lights – クリスマスの明かり(ライト)(Kurisumasu no akari (raito))

Christmas Recital – クリスマス リサイタル (Kurisumasu risaital)

You probably noticed that there are many words that use Katakana. This is because these words are originally foreign words (English etc) that we adapted in Japanese culture. Many of the foreign words (almost 99%) are expressed in Katakana in Japanese.

For that matter, I am sure these words are easy to memorize in Japanese. You just have to pronounce them in Japanese way! 🙂  Most of the time, people would know what you are trying to say by trying to pronounce these words slowly even though you don’t pronounce them exactly as what’s mentioned in transliteration above.



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