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Expanding Your Japanese Vocabulary Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in Grammar

When learning a foreign language, one of the ways to expand your vocabulary list is to build based on what you already know. It is never enough to know more vocabulary for a certain language, especially when it comes to a foreign language, it is harder to increase your vocabulary unless you are exposed to it on a daily basis. In today’s lesson, I would like to introduce you to another way of expanding your existing vocabulary.


So, above is a picture of apples. From this picture, let’s start learning some Japanese vocabulary.

Ringo – りんご (apple)

Akai ringo – あかい りんご (Red apples)

Futatsuno ringo – ふたつの りんご (Two apples)

Oishi souna ringo – おいしそうな りんご(Yammy looking ring)

Oishii ringo-  おいしい りんご(Tasty apples)

Mazui ringo – まずい りんご(Bad (tasting)apple)

Shinsen na ringo – しんせんな りんご (Fresh apples)

Kusatta ringo – くさった りんご (Rotten apples)

Ookina ringo. – おおきな りんご (Big apples)

Chiisana ringo. - ちいさな りんご (Small apples)

Cho-do ii ookisa no ringo – ちょうど いい おおきさの りんご (Perfect size apples)

Takai ringo – たかい りんご (Expensive apples)

Yasui ringo – やすい りんご (Cheap apples)

Ringo ga futatsu arimasu. りんご が ふたつ あります。(There are two apples.)

Ringo no ki – りんご の き ( Apple tree)

Ringo, tabetai desuka? – りんご たべたい ですか?(Do you want to eat an apple?)

Ringo ga tabetai desu. – りんご が たべたい です。 (I want to eat apples.)

Kono ringo ga tabetai desu – この りんご が たべたい です。(I want to eat these apples.)

Ringo wa suki desuka? – りんご は すき ですか?(Do you like apples?)

Daisuki desu. – だいすき です。(I love apples.)

Daikirai desu – だいきらい です。(I hate apples.)

Anmari sukide wa arimasen. - あんまり すきでは ありません。 (I don’t like apples very much.)

Yoku ringo tabemasuka? – よく りんご たべますか?(Do you often eat apples?)

Hai, yoku tabemasu. – はい、よく たべます。(Yes, I often eat apples.)

Hai, mainichi tabemasu. - はい、まいにち たべます。 (Yes, I eat apples every day.)

Iie, mattaku tabemasen. – いいえ、まったく たべません。(No, I don’t eat apples at all.)


This is a simple vocabulary exercise, but you can use anything you have at home to expand your vocabulary this way.  Good luck learning!

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