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Halloween in Japanese Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in Culture, Grammar


So, today is a Halloween day that many of the kids have been waiting for. My boys are sort of growing out of dressing up in a costume and going for trick or treating these days, but they still can’t seem to resist getting so many of the yummy candies.  Plus, trick a treating from door to door with their friends is always fun for them. Today’s post is all about Halloween. That is Halloween related Japanese vocabulary that you might want to know.


  • Halloween – ハロウィン - pronunciation is just about the same as in English. We spell this out in Katakana.

Watashiwa Halloween ga totemo machidoo shiidesu. (私は、ハロウィンが とても 待ち遠しい です。I am so looking forward to Halloween. )


  • Costume – 衣装(いしょう、Ishou) or  コスチューム (costume)

Halloween no ishou o kite trick or treating ni ikimasu. (ハロウィン の 衣装を 着て トリック  オアー トリーティングに行きます。I am going to trick or treating in a costume.) *to be honest, I don’t think there is a word for “Trick or Treating” in Japanese.


  • Ghost – お化け(おばけ、Obake)

Watashi wa obake ga kowai desu. (私は、お化けが こわいです。I am scared of ghost. )


  • Candy – 飴 (あめ、Ame)

Halloween no hini kyonen wa totemo takusan no candy o moraimashita. (ハロウィンの日に 去年は、 とても たくさんの キャディーをもらいました。I got so much candies last year on Halloween. )


  • Pumpkin – かぼちゃ、Kabocha

Watashi wa kabocha ga daisuki desu. (私は、かぼちゃが 大好きです。I love pumpikins.)


  • Halloween Party – ハロウィンパーティー (pronunciation is the same as in English)

Watashitachi wa asunoyoru Halloween party  e ikimasu. (私たちは 明日の夜、ハロウィンパーティーへ行きます。We are going to the Halloween party tomorrow night. )


  • Scary – 怖い (こわい、kowai)

Kareno costume wa totemo kowaine. (彼の コスチュームは とても こわいね。His costume looks really scary. )


  • Graveyard –  お墓 (おはか、ohaka)

Yoru ohakano chikaku o kurumade toorunowa kiraidesu. (夜、お墓の 近くを 車で 通るのは、嫌いです。I don’t like to drive by graveyard at night. )


  • Devil – 悪魔 (あくま、akuma)

Ano akumano costume sugoku kowaine. (あの 悪魔の コスチューム、すごく 怖いね。That devil costume looks really scary.)


Hope you got to learn some new Japanese vocabulary on this Halloween day! Enjoy your Halloween!

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