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How do you say Shopping in Japanese? Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Culture, Grammar

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving Holiday if you are in a country where people celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a nice long break from school and work this past week. Kids are not too crazy about going back to school tomorrow.


Has anyone enjoyed after Thanksgiving Holiday shopping? Here in U.S. shopping is popular after Thanksgiving. Now these days Thanksgiving sale starts in the evening of Thanksgiving.

I am not normally a big fan of shopping around this time of the year, but this year, I decided to go out for a shopping with some of my friends on Friday in a busy traffic.

For those of you who would like to learn shopping related words in Japanese, here are some that you might want to know.


Shopping (買い物、かいもの、kaimono)

Mall (モール、もーる、mo-ru)

Store (お店、おみせ、omise)


Discount (割引、わりびき、waribiki)

Go shopping (買い物へ 行く、かいものへ いく、kaimono e iku)

Enjoy shopping (買い物を 楽しむ、かいものを たのしむ、kaimono o tanoshimu)

Crowded (混んでいる、こんでいる, kondeiru)

Way too many people (すごい 数の人、すごい かずの ひと、sugoi kazuno hito)

Wait in a line (並ぶ、ならぶ、narabu)

Look around (見て回る、みてまわる、mite mawaru)

Original Price (定価、ていか、teika)

Expensive (高い、たかい、takai)

Inexpensive (高く無い、たかくない、takaku nai)

Cheap (安い、やすい、yasui)

Receipt (レシート、れしーと、reshi-to)

Traffic (渋滞、じゅうたい、ju-tai)

Total Price (合計 金額、 ごうけい きんがく、gokei kingaku)



I would like to buy this. (これ 買いたいです。 これ かいたいです。Kore kaitai desu.)


I don’t want to buy this. (これは、買いたくないです。これは かいたくないです。Kore wa kaitaku arimasen)


It’s too expensive for me.(私には、高すぎます。わたしには、たかすぎます。Watashi ni wa taka sugi masu)


Please buy me this necklace. (この ネックレス 私に 買って ください。この ねっくれす わたしに かって ください。Kono neckresu watashi ni katte kudasai.)


I want to buy you this chocolate. (あなたに この チョコレート 買って あげたい。あなたに この ちょこれーと かって あげたい。Anata ni kono chocore-to katte agetai.)


I don’t have enough money. (お金が 足りない、おかねが たりない、okanega tarinai)


I have enough to buy the jacket.(その ジャケットを 買う お金は あります。 その じゃけっとを かう おかねは あります。Sono jacket o kau okanewa arimasu.)


If you know all these phrases and vocabulary, you have no problem shopping in Japan. 🙂



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