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How to say good bye in Japanese? Posted by on Nov 22, 2016 in Culture, Grammar

Sayo-nara (さようなら)




Hi there everyone! Hope everyone is doing well out there. Some of you might be busy preparing your house for welcoming your family and friends for Thanksgiving this week. Your children might be already out of school, at least here in U.S.  Nonetheless, this is busy time of the year for most people, between now and the end of the year.

I recently found out that one of my closest friends is leaving to Japan this week. I am still sad and shocked to learn that she is leaving with such a short notice.

Today’s post is all about saying “good bye” in Japanese. It’s a sad topic, but if you are learning Japanese, this might be something you want to know.  Below, I will walk you through some different ways of saying “good bye” in Japanese. Read on~.


Good bye ==> Sayo-nara (さようなら)


See you again==> Mata aoune (また 会おうね、 また あおうね)


See you again (polite form)==> Mata oai shimasho (また お会いしましょう、 また おあいしましょう)


I will miss you. ==> Samishiku naruyo (寂しく なるよ。 さみしく なるよ)


I will miss you. (formal, polite)==> Samishiku narimasu (寂しく なります。 さみしく なります)


I want to see you again. ==> Mata aitaiyo (また 会いたいよ、 また あいたいよ)


I want to see you again (formal, polite)==> Mata aitai desu (また 会いたいです、 また あいたいです)


Let’s meet again in Japan. ==> Mata nihon de aoune. (また 日本で 会おうね、 また にほんで あおうね)


Let’s meet again in Japan (formal, polite) ==> Mata nihon de oai shimasho (また 日本で お会いしましょう、また にほんで おあいしましょう)


Take care ==> Genkidene (元気でね、 げんきでね)


Please take care of yourself (formal, polite) ==>Okarada o taisetsuni nasatte kudasai (お体を 大切に なさって下さい、 おからだを たいせつに なさって ください)


Until we see each other again ==> Mata aeru himade (また 会える日まで、 また あえるひまで)


Until we see each other again (formal, polite).==> Mata oaidekiru himade (また お会いできる 日まで、 また おあいできる ひまで)


Don’t forget about me ==> Watashi no koto wasure naidene. (私のこと 忘れ ないでね、 わたしのこと わすれ ないでね)


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  1. Eirene:

    Very useful! Thank you for your blog. It is the best for japanese learners.

    • keiko:

      @Eirene Thank you for your kind comment, Eirene!