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When you need to tell someone, where things are located, do you know how you would explain that in Japanese? You can let them know as simple as “left” and “right”; however, the more specific you can be, the better so they will know exactly where to look for. In this article today, I would like to go over the basics first, then move onto more detailed explanation in my next article. So, if you are always wondering how to tell positioning in Japanese, read on!

Let’s start off with easy ones first.


Left & Right, Right & Left

Left – Hidari (左、ひだり)

You will see the school on your left. (その 学校は 左側に あります。その がっこうは ひだりがわに あります。)

Right –Migi (右、みぎ)

Turn right. (右に 曲がって。みぎに まがって。)



1st    – Ichi ban me (一番目、いちばんめ)

2nd   – Ni ban me (二番目、にばんめ)

3rd  – San ban me (三番目、さんばんめ)

4th – Yon ban me (四番目、よんばんめ)

5th  –Go ban me (五番目、ごばんめ)   

6th– Roku ban me (六番目、ろくばんめ)

7th   – Nana ban me (七番目、ななばんめ)

8th – Hachi ban me (八番目、はちばんめ)

9th – Kyu ban me (九番目、きゅうばんめ)

10th – Gyu ban me (十番目、じゅうばんめ)


When you are expressing “orders” in Japanese, this is must know. Basically, you just need to add “banme” at the end of each number. This is similar to “th” or “rd” in English.  If you follow this rule, 150th, will be “Hyaku go gyu ban me” (百五十番目、ひゃく ごじゅう ばんめ)


My house is the 2nd house on your right.

Watashino ie wa migigawano nibanme no ie desu.

(私の 家は 右側の 二番目 の家 です。わたしの いえは みぎがわの にばんめの いえ です。)


The first building on your left is the library.

Hidari gawa no ichiban me ga toshokan desu.

(左側の 一番目が 図書館です。ひだりがわの いちばんめが としょかんです。)


Once you know, right and left and ordering system in Japanese, it will come easier as to how you can tell where things are. Keep learning!  To be continued onto the next article for more learning.


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