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How to write letters or emails in Japanese? – with Seasonal expressions Posted by on Apr 30, 2016 in Culture, Grammar


When writing letters or emails, it is nice to add some intro or ending with some seasonal comments. I have covered the topic of “writing business emails in Japanese” in the past. Check out here if you would like to read it again or find out what I have posted regarding composing business Emails in Japanese.

This post is based on the request from one of the readers, all about the seasonal expressions that you can add to your letter. Just like it might be in English, we like to first start off our conversation talking about weather in Japanese. This is also true in writing. Rather than getting to the point right away unless your request is an urgent one, it is always nice to start a conversation based on current weather or season. It just gives you a soft introduction to the topic you want to cover. Also, sometimes, you might want to add some seasonal comments at the end of the letter/emails before you finish it.

So, here are some examples. I have constructed my suggestions based on Spring and Summer this time. I will cover more about fall and winter in my next article.  You can add one of these at the beginning of the letter or emails to add your personal touch.  Read on~.



Mada mada samui desuga ikaga osugoshi desuka?

まだまだ 寒い ですが いかが お過ごし ですか?

まだまだ さむい ですが いかが おすごし ですか?

It’s still cold around here, but how have you been?


Sakura no hanaga mankai de totemo haru rashii desune.

さくらの はなが まんかいで、とても はるらしい ですね。

桜の 花が 満開で、とても 春らしい ですね。

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and it is surely springlike.



~expression that can be added towards to bottom of the letter/email as part of closing.

Sakuraga sakukoroniwa mata oaishitai desune.

桜が 咲くころには、また お会いしたい ですね。

さくらが さくころには、 また おあいしたい ですね。

I would love to see you again by the time cherry blossom blooms.


Natsumae ni mata oai shimashou.

夏前に また お会いしましょう。

なつまえに また おあいしましょう。

Let’s meet again before summer comes.






Totemo mushiatsui tenkiga tsuzuite imasuga ikaga osugoshi desuka?

とても 蒸し暑い 天気が 続いていますが、 いかが お過ごしですか?

とても むしあつい てんきが つづいていますが、いかが おすごしですか?

We’ve been having such a humid weather, how have you been?_______________________________________________

Nihon no natsuwa mushiatsui desuyone?

日本の 夏は 蒸し暑い ですよね?

にほんの なつは むしあつい ですよね?

Summer in Japan is humid, isn’t it?




~expression that can be added towards to bottom of the letter/email as part of closing.

Atsusa wa korekaraga honban desu.  Okarada ni okio tsuke kudasai.

暑さは これからが 本番です。 お体に お気を付け ください。

あつさは これからが ほんばんです。 おからだに おきをつけ ください。

It will be a lot more humid from here on. Take care (and stay cool).


Atsusa ni makezu ganbatte kudasai

暑さに 負けず 頑張って 下さい。

あつさに まけず がんばって ください。

Don’t let summer heat wear you out. Do your best. (Good luck)



I will cover more about fall and winter in my next article.



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