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Japanese Kanji Quiz – Part 1 Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Culture, Grammar

As part of the series for learning Kanji’s, I decided to create the following Kanji Quiz below. Have you many of these can you guess? I tried to stick to simple Kanji’s but some of them might be a big more complicated than others. Answers for each challenge are at the bottom of the page. See how many of these you can solve! Enjoy!




Challenge 1

Which Kanji will apply to () below. Note: The same Kanji should be applied to all ().

元( )ですか?今日は ( )持ちの いい 天( ) だよ。だから() 分も最高です。


Genki desuka? Kyo wa kimochi no ii tenki dayo. Dakara Kibun mo saiko desu.

げんきですか?きょうは きもちの いい てんき だよ。だから きぶんも さいこう です。




Challenge 2

Create a synonym for each Jukugo(Compound words, in this case, two Kanji’s combined together)

Transliteration (Translation)

Shizen  (Nature) – 自然(しぜん)ー( )然

Bokoku (Birth country) -母国 ー( )国

Yashin (Aspiration)- 野心 ー( )望

Jyu-yo (Important)-主要ー( )要

Yu-mei (Famous)-有名ー( )名

Yoso- (Prediction)-予想ー予( )

Kekka (Result)-結果 ー結( )

Isshou (Lifetime)-一生ー( )生







Challenge 1 – 気

元(気)ですか?今日は (気)持ちの いい 天(気) だよ。だから 気分も最高です。

Translation:How are you? It’s nice weather today. So, I feel so good.

  • 元気ですか? (げんきですか?) – Genki desuka? (How are you feeling?, How are you?)
  • 気持ちのいい (きもちのいい) – kimochi no ii( nice)
  • 天気 (てんき) – Tenki (weather)
  • 気分(きぶん) – Kibun (to feel, feeling)

Challenge 2

Shizen  (Nature) – 自然(しぜん)ー(天)然

Bokoku (Birth country) -母国 (bokoku)ー(祖)国 (sokoku)

Yashin (Aspiration)- 野心 (yashin) ー(野)望 (yabou)

Jyu-yo (Important)-主要 (shuyou)ー(重)要 (jyuyou)

Yu-mei (Famous)-有名(yumei)ー(著)名(chomei)

Yoso- (Prediction)-予想(yosou)ー予(測)(yosoku)

Kekka (Result)-結果(kekka) ー結(末)(ketsumatsu)

Isshou (Lifetime)-一生(isshou)ー(終)生(shusei)


Challenge 2 might have been a bit complicated unless you are familiar with Kanji’s.  The first one might have been easier if you are just starting to learn some Kanji’s.  Even if you didn’t know these, don’t get discouraged. Kanji’s are one of those things where you will learn one at a time. Writing Kanji’s are another story, but reading them will come easier once you familiarize yourself with more of them.

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