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Hi everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the last week of March. It’s almost spring, and I am sure some of you are already enjoying the warmer weather by now. Here in Pacific Northwest, we are seeing more cheery blossoms started to bloom, and it’s just such a beautiful time of the year now. Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year. How about you?

Did you know some parents name their babies using the word, “spring(春)” in Japanese? Perhaps their baby was born in Spring, or they just like the names that includes the word, “Haru(春)” due to its meaning or the sound of it. In this post today, I would like to introduce you to some of the popular names that includes “Haru(春)”.

*Please note, for the Kanji’s used with Haru(春) below, there are more choices other than the one mentioned below, so it could be different Kanji’s used. For example: for Haruko, it could be spelled as, 春子 or 春心, etc… However, both are pronounced as “Haruko”.


Girl’s names:

Haruko (春子、はるこ、ハルコ)

Haruna (春菜、はるな、 ハルナ)

Haruka (春香、はるか、ハルカ)

Harumi (春美、はるみ、ハルミ)

Miharu (三春、みはる、ミハル)

Kiharu (希春、きはる、キハル)

Koharu (小春、こはる、コハル)

Harua (春愛、はるあ、ハルア)

Harune (春寧、はるね、ハルネ)

Haruri (春漂、はるり、ハルリ)

Haru (春、はる、ハル) *Simple name as “Haru” is also popular. -This name can be also boy’s name, believe it or not. 🙂


Boy’s names:

Haruki (春樹、はるき、ハルキ)

Haruto (春斗、はると、ハルト)

Ichiharu (一春、いちはる、イチハル)

Kiyoharu (清春、きよはる、キヨハル)

Shigeharu (重春、しげはる、シゲハル)

Takaharu (隆春、たかはる、タカハル)

Chiharu (千春、ちはる、チハル)

Nobuharu (信春、のぶはる、ノブハル)

Tomoharu (友春、ともはる、トモハル)

Haruyuki (春之、はるゆき、ハルユキ)

Haruaki (春明、はるあき、ハルアキ)

Harukazu (春和、はるかず、ハルカズ)


List goes on..  the above names are mostly common names that you might hear every now and then. I think it’s so unique that you have a character from one of the seasons in your name indicating that you were born in that season. What season were you born? Perhaps you can create your nickname based on your season. For your info, other seasons are~

Summer: Natsu 夏、なつ

Fall: Aki、秋、あき

Winter: Fuyu、冬、ふゆ

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