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Japanese Words for Spring Posted by on Mar 12, 2015 in Grammar

Here in the northwest, the weather has been amazing this month. It has been so warm that cherry blossoms around here have already been blooming beautifully. This year, they are blooming much earlier than usual! For the next couple of blogs, I would like to go over Japanese words for Spring. In this blog today, let me introduce you to some basic spring related vocabulary that you can use. Read on!


Haru -(春、はる), spring

Haru yasumi -(春休み、はるやすみ), spring break

Haru kaze -(春風、はるかぜ), spring wind

Haru no hana-(春の花、はるのはな), spring flowers

Haru iro -(春色、はるいろ), spring color

Haru no kisetsu-(春の季節、はるのきせつ), spring season

Harusaki -(春先、はるさき), early spring

Hana -(花、はな), flower

Hanabira-(花びら、はなびら), flower pedal

Kusabana-(草花、くさばな), flowering Plants

Shibafu-(芝生、しばふ), grass

Shizen -(自然、しぜん), nature

Yama-(山、やま), mountain

Yama nobori-(山登り、やまのぼり), climbing mountain

Kawa – (川、かわ), river

Ohanami – (お花見、おはなみ), blossom party, blossom viewing

Sakura – (桜、さくら), cherry blossom

Ume -(梅、うめ) – plum

Kafun-(花粉、かふん), pollen

Kafun-sho-(花粉症、かふん), pollinosis

Picnic -(ピクニック), picnic

Atatakai tenki -(温かい天気、あたたかい てんき), warm weather

Kimochino ii tenki -(気持ちのいい天気、きもちのいい てんき), fefreshing weather

Yukidoke -(雪解け、ゆきどけ), melting snow


Are you going anywhere during the spring break?

Haruyasumi wa dokoka e ikimasuka? (はるやすみは、どこかへ いきますか?)

Where are you going during spring break?

Haruyasumi wa doko e ikimasuka? (はるやすみは、どこへ いきますか?)

Do you have any plans for spring break?

Haruyasumi no keikaku wa arimasuka? (はるやすみの けいかくは ありますか?)


You might be answering the above questions like:

I will be with my family during spring break.

Haruyasumi wa kazokude sugoshimasu. (はるやすみは、かぞくでそごします。)

I will be out of country during spring break.

Haruyasumi wa gaikoku ni imasu. (はるやすみは、がいこくにいます。)

I will be going skiing during spring break.

Haruyasumi wa ski- ni ikimasu.(はるやすみは、スキーにいきます。)

I will be in Hawaii during spring break.

Haruyasumi wa Hawaii ni imasu.(はるやすみは ハワイにいます。)


Do you already have any plans for spring break? How would you answer to the questions above? Hope you will be spending your spring break somewhere nice. 🙂


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About the Author: keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Cathy Crowley:

    Thank you so mch for your link,it was very nice to read,interesting.I enjoy learning languages,,and speak fluent Italian.My dream is to one day see and visit Japan,Mt.Fuji and visit the thermal outdoor baths surrounded by flowering trees.Happy Spring to you and your family,Buona Pasqua means Happy Easter in Italian!Respectfully,Catherine.

    • keiko:

      @Cathy Crowley Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for your comments! It is always nice to hear from readers! If there is any specific topic that you would like me to cover, please let me know!


  2. Shubha:

    Hi keiko,
    Nice relative words there.
    Could you please start some business related jargons, different fields each at a time?
    Thanks in advance.

    • keiko:

      @Shubha Hi Shubha,

      Thank you for your feedback. I have just started the Business related Japanese series. Hope you will like them. I will start covering one topic at a time. Stay tuned! 🙂


  3. Zsanett Rácz:

    Thank you very much for sharing! I’m from Hungary 🙂 I like everything about Japan, your blog is really useful and interesting. Please keep up the good work!
    otsukaresama desu!

    • keiko:

      @Zsanett Rácz Hi Zsanett,

      Thank you for your kind comments! I am happy to hear you are enjoying my blog site. 🙂

  4. Samantha:

    I am looking to change my name hoping for something Japanese. I was looking for something that means beautiful beginning or phoenix or spring. Basically representing my starting over and overcoming my ptsd. Do you have any suggestions? My friend in Japan suggested Miharu.