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Kanji Challenge – Part 3 Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Grammar

This month’s theme was about Kanji’s. This is my 3rd Kanji Challenge for this month. In this article today, let me introduce you to some simple Kanji’s that are familiar to you. These are all one character Kanji’s to memorize, so it will not be too bad. If you already know the vocabulary, it will be much easier for you. If you didn’t know the vocabulary, you can also learn the vocabulary along with Hiragana and Kanji’s.


How many of these words do you already know?


Car – Kuruma – くるま 車

House- Ie – いえ 家

Desk – Tsukue -つくえ 机

Book – Hon – ほん 本

Sky – Sora – そら 空

Pond – Ike – いけ 池

Grass – Kusa – くさ 草

Dog – Inu – いぬ 犬

Cat – Neko – ねこ 猫

Bird – Tori – とり 鳥

Snake – Hebi – へび 蛇

Soil – Tsuchi – つち 土

Stone – Ishi – いし 石

Water – Mizu – みず 水

Fire – Hi – ひ 火

Flower – Hana – はな 花

Tree – Ki – き 木

Branch – Eda - えだ 枝

Star – Hoshi – ほし 星

Cloud – Kumo – くも 雲

Rain – Ame – あめ 雨

Mountain – Yama – やま 山

River – Kawa – かわ 川

Moon – Tsuki – つき 月

Gold – Kin – きん 金

Age – Toshi – とし 年

Night – Yoru – よる 夜

Morning – Asa – あさ 朝

Afternoon – Hiru – ひる 昼

Medicine – Kusuri – くすり 薬

Outside – Soto – そと 外

Inside – Naka – なか 中

Up – Ue – うえ 上

Down – Shita – した 下

Feet – Ashi – あし 足

Hands – Te – て 手

Nose – Hana – はな 鼻

Chest – Mune – むね 胸

Stomach – Hara – はら 腹

Ears – Mimi – みみ 耳

Head – Atama – あたま 頭

Eyes – Me – め 目

Mouth – Kuchi – くち 口

Teeth – Ha – は 歯

Tongue – Shita- した 舌

Cheek – Hoho – ほほ 頬

Face – Kao- かお 顔

Arm – Ude – うで 腕

Hip – Koshi – こし 腰

Throat – Nodo – のど 喉

Country – Kuni – くに 国

Flag – Hata – はた 旗

Shape – Katachi – かたち 形

Egg – Tamago – たまご 卵


These things are always around us, so try to become familiar with the vocabulary as well as Kanji’s if you can. Enjoy learning!

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About the Author: keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Gustavo:

    Nice serie, I wanted to thank you and well,.. umh you just write two times the word ears, greetings

    And thanks again :d

    • keiko:

      @Gustavo Hi Gustavo,

      You are right! I did write Mimi(みみ、耳) twice! Thanks for letting me know. I just updated my post. 🙂 Now you won’t forget 耳 right? 🙂

  2. Edgar:

    Good article! Just wanted to mention that Nose should be “Hana”, not “Nana”, right?

    • keiko:

      @Edgar Hi Edgar,

      Yes, you are correct! That was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out! 🙂

  3. Lost in Translation:

    i was told はら は 男の言葉
    usually i say onaka おなか ー
    both equal okay? or they have special situations?

    Thank you! Love this website!!