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More Quantifiers Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in Grammar

Continuing from the previous post, here are some more quantifiers:

余り/あまり = not often, not much

うどんは余り好きじゃありません = I don’t like udon that much.

(うどん = udon. = subject marking particle. あまり/余り = that much/not much. すきじゃありません/好きじゃありません = don’t like)

時々/ときどき = sometimes, from time to time.

私は時々公園で遊びます = I play at the park from time to time.

(わたし/ = I. = subject marking particle. とこどき/時々 = from time to time. こうえん公園 = park. = at. あそびます/遊びます = play)

可なり/かなり = rather, considerably.

この時計は可なり安いですね = This watch is rather cheap, isn’t it?

(この = this. とけい/時計 = watch. = subject marking particle. かなり/可なり = rather. やすい/安い = cheap. ですね = isn’t it)

一杯/いっぱい = filled/full of /a lot

空は星で一杯です = The sky is filled with (full of) stars.

(そら/ = sky. = subject marking particle. ほし/ = stars. = de particle. いっぱい/一杯 = filled with. です = is)

もっと = more.

彼女はもっと美しいです = She is more beautiful.

(かのじょ/彼女 = she. = subject marking particle. もっと = more. うつくしいです/美しいです = beautiful)

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