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Popular Sushi Restaurant Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Culture

The other day, I went to Sushi Restaurant, called Sushiro near my parents’ house. In the U.S, Sushi Restaurants are popular as well, often with the turn table and you can pick and choose the dish you like. In Japan, there are still one of those too, but this one that I went had a different way of ordering sushi.


When you are seated at the table, you immediately notice the touch panel like this one for your table to order the dish you like.


There are some dishes already going around the turn table, but you can order fresh sushi by using the touch panel system.


Variety of Sushi’s they had was pretty good.  You can also order the fresh catch of the day that is advertised by the restaurant.


Sushi is not the only ones you can order.  Gyoza(餃子), Karaage(から揚げ), Udon(うどん), Ramen(ラーメン) and Donburi(丼ぶり) are also available. Not to mention about the cakes, puddings and fruit dishes as desert.

When the dish that you order comes around, the touch panel system will play the music and tells you that they are available for you to pick up. Each table has its own color, and that you are to pick the dish that is placed on the base dish of your color.

Some of the dishes I ordered were:






Most of the dishes were 100 yen + tax, which is about $1 each. And again, you don’t need to just eat Sushi here. They have many other dishes available even for children to enjoy if they are not too crazy about the Sushi’s.




This restaurant is a big chain, and you can find in most cities in Japan.  I am sure there are many other good Sushi restaurants, but I really enjoyed coming to this restaurant as it didn’t cost much but I got to enjoy the fresh Sushi along with the delicious deserts. 🙂

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About the Author: keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Jacky:

    In the US there are various popular Sushi restaurants and I liked to travel very much. When I visited US there I stayed in New York and there are many Sushi Restaurants. They all served completely Japanese dishes that was I really liked.