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Quick Refresh on Basic Kanjis Posted by on Nov 25, 2017 in Culture, Grammar

Hi everyone! It’s been for a while since I covered the Kanji basics, so here is a quick refresher on must-know Kanji’s. Most of these are the ones that the 1st grader would learn in Japan. These are basic and easy to learn Kanji’s, yet without knowing these first, it is hard to progress into learning more complex Kanji’s. Also, it is easy to learn Kanji’s at one point, but it’s also so easy to forget them. Repetition is the key for learning Kanji’s.


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Let’s see how many of these you are already familiar with. Even though you might already know these Kanji’s,  it doesn’t hurt to learn it again. Enjoy!



一 (いち, ichi , one)

二 (に, ni, two)

三 (さん, san, three)

四 (し、よん, shi, yon,  four)

五 (ご , go, five)

六 (ろく, roku, six)

七 (なな しち, nana shichi, seven)

八 (はち, hachi, eight)

九 (きゅう, kyu, nine)

十 (じゅう, jyu, ten)

百   (ひゃく, hyaku, hundred)

千 (せん, sen, thousand )

万 (まん, man, ten thousand)




月    (つき, tsuki, Moon )

月曜日(げつようび , getsu yobi, Monday)


火 (ひ , hi, Fire)

火曜日(かようび , ka yobi, Tuesday)


水 ( みず, mizu, water )

水曜日(すいようび, sui yobi, Wednesday)


木 (き, ki, tree )

木曜日(もくようび, moku yobi, Thursday)


金 (かね, kane, gold, money )

金曜日(きんようび, kin yobi, Friday)


土 (つち, tsuchi, soil )

土曜日(どようび, do yobi, Saturday)


日 (ひ, hi, sun )

日曜日(にちようび, nichi yobi, Sunday)



森 (もり, mori, forest)

林 (はやし, hayashi, woods, grove)

山 (やま, yama, mountain)

川 (かわ ,kawa, river)

海 (うみ, umi, ocean)



白 (しろ, shiro, white)

黒 (くろ, kuro, black)

赤 (あか, aka, red)

青 (あお ,ao, blue)

緑 (みどり , midori, green)


Combined words from above Kanji’s:

So based on what you just learned, you can actually make the combined words, for example,


緑の山 (みどりのやま, midori no yama, green mountain)

青い海  (あおいうみ, ao i umi, blue ocean)

緑の木 (みどりのき, midori no ki, green tree)

What else can you make….?

Hope you got to learn some basic Kanji’s today. More to follow on Kanji lessons. Stay tuned.

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  1. Vanessa:

    Thank you so much. I need to learn how to read and write, amazed at the Japanese culture.

    • keiko:

      @Vanessa Hi Vanessa,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I hope you will keep learning Japanese. I enjoy sharing my experience and background through my blog site. 🙂