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Kirakira Name and Shiwashiwa Name Posted by on Sep 29, 2021

I have talked about kanji in the last blog.  Today, I will talk about kirakira names (キラキラネーム).  So what are kirakira names?  They are names that sparkle, shine, and twinkle.  Most of them are very unusual – parents come up with sounds or rhythms they like, and apply kanji that may not relate to the…

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Variety Makes Life Richer – Writing System Posted by on Aug 27, 2021

Like many people in the world, I started playing Animal Crossing New Horizon on a Nintendo Switch that my son had brought back from Kyoto. It was extremely hard to get one in the US or Japan due to the very high demand (需要 jyuyo), so that was great.  The great thing about the Switch…

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Answers to the Kanji Exercise Posted by on May 31, 2009

1) Meaning: space, interval. Kun: ま. On: カン. 間 2) Meaning: three. Kun: み. On: サン. 三 3) Meaning: six. Kun: む On: ロク. 六 4) Meaning: eye. Kun: め On: ガン. 眼 5) Meaning: tree, wood. On: モク Kun: き. 木 6) Meaning: next, come. On: ライ Kun: くろ. 来 7) Meaning: power, strength. On: リイ Kun: ちから. 力 8) Meaning: weak. On: ルイ Kun: よわい. 羸 9) Meaning: cool, cold. On: レイ Kun: つめたい. 冷 10) Meaning: old age, elderly. On…

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Kanji Practice Posted by on May 28, 2009

Once again, I thank everyone who participated in this exercise! Here are the answers to the hiragana section: 1) ねこ (cat)  2) なに (what) 3) たこ (octopus) 4) はい (hai) 5) ふうふ  (married couple) 6) なか (middle, center) 7) のう (brain) 8) はこ (box) 9) はは (mother) 10) はな(flower) Here are the answers to the katakana section: 1) テスト (test) 2) ナウ (now) 3) ナイト…

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