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The Three Great Gardens of Japan Posted by on Nov 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Sanmeien (三名園,) are three of Japan’s famous gardens. Let’s take a look at these three gardens.

Kenrokuen (兼六) means “six attribute garden”. Some of the attributes that make this garden special are : spaciousness, seclusion, serenity and scenic subtleness.

Kōrakuen (後楽) means “garden of after -pleasure”. The daimyo Ikeda Tsunamasa (池田綱) used the garden as a place to entertain important guests.

Kairakuen (偕楽) means “garden to be enjoyed together”. The most beautiful season to visit the garden is when the cherry blossoms bloom.

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  1. Mac:

    I highly recommend kenrokuen. It is a great park and probably the only thing worth seeing in Okayama. It’s great for a nice stroll.

    When I first came to Japan I spent a week in Okayama and I visited the park a lot. Great videos of all three though!

  2. Red Flava:

    Some lovely gardens here. I’ve always wanted to see Sakura in Japan.

    Thanks for posting this, it’s not easy for me to find these videos. 🙂