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Japanese Festivals in November Posted by on Nov 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

November is the time for some interesting Japanese festivals. Take a look at some of these festivals :

The Onomichi Betcha Festival (尾道 ベッチャー祭) is a festival where men dress as demons and pretend to thrash children as they walk by. It’s an old custom that traces back to a time when people believed that you could “beat” an illness out of a child.

Sukagawa Taimatsu (須賀) is a large fire festival where tall straw storage stalks are burned. The straw storage stalks are normally used to contain rice, but the rice is taken out and the straw is burned. The straw bins can be at least ten feet high.


Shichi Go San Festival (七五) is an nationwide festival in Japan. To read more about it go here : https://blogs.transparent.com/japanese/shichi-go-san-七五三-festival/  

Here is a video showing how Japanese kids get dressed up for the festival :

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