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WHAT are the common Japanese words to use for winter? Posted by on Dec 22, 2013 in Culture, Grammar

It’s winter, and let me introduce you the most common Japanese words that are related to winter. When you are talking about the weather or anything related to winter, these vocabularies will be good to know.


English Japanese Pronounciation Japanese
winter fuyu
winter vacation fuyu yasumi 冬休み
snow yuki
cold samui/tsumetai 寒い・冷たい
ice koori
icy kootta 凍った
fog kiri
Are you cold? samui desuka? 寒いですか?
It is cold today Kyouwa samui desu 今日は寒いです。
It is cold today, isn’t it? kyouwa samui desune 今日は寒いですね。
I have a cold. watashi wa kaze o hiiteimasu 私は、風邪をひいています。
Do you have a cold? kaze o hiite imasuka? 風邪をひいていますか?


ski suki- スキー
Let’s go skiing. ski ni ikima shou スキーに行きましょう。
polar bear shiro kuma 白くま
It is snowing. yuki ga futte imasu 雪が降っています。
Is it snowing? yuki wa futte imasuka? 雪は、降っていますか?
Snowman yukidaruma 雪だるま
Let’s make snowman. yukidaruma o tsukurimashou 雪だるまを作りましょう。
The lake is frozen. mizuumiga kootteimasu 湖が凍っています。
ice skating aisu suke-to アイススケート
glove tebukuro 手袋
scarf mafura- マフラー
coat ko-to コート
boots bu-tsu ブーツ
ear muffs mimi ate 耳あて
sweater se-ta- セーター
socks kutsushita 靴下



Santa Claus santaku ro-su サンタクロース
rain deer tonakai トナカイ
Christmas kurisumasu クリスマス
New Year oshogatsu お正月
New Years Eve oomisoka 大晦日
present purezento プレゼント
Christmas Tree kurisumasu tsuri- クリスマスツリー
covered with snow yukini tsutsumareta 雪に包まれた
snow ball fight yuki gassen 雪合戦
sled sori そり
Let’s go sledding. sori suberi ni ikimashou そりすべりに行きましょう。

Take a look at the following TV commerical for Meiji chocorate.   Let’s practice some of the vocabularies within the video.  I have provided the translation below.  Let’s see if you can pick up some of the winter related words in this commercial.  


fuyu no kiss wa yuki noyouna kuchidoke.

冬のキスは雪のような口どけ ( Kiss in the winter is like a snow melting in my mouth)

Furu yuki ga zebu Meltykiss nara iinonine.  (I wish all the falling snow tasted like Meltykiss!)

降る雪が全部メルティキスなら いいのにね

Yuki no yona kuchidoke. (It melts in your mouth like a snow)



Lastly, the word, Fuyu means Winter in Japanese, and the Kanji character we use is 冬.

The following video will show you how to write this Kanji.  When writing Kanji, stroke order is very important. It is important to learn each Kanji with the correct stroke order. This Kanji has 5 strokes total.  Give it a try!


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