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What does “Muchu (夢中)” mean in Japanese? Posted by on May 23, 2018 in Culture, Grammar

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Hope everyone is doing well. Weather has been just perfect these days here in Pacific Northwest. Somedays we can feel summer is almost here. No more heavy rains, and so nice to spend some time outside.   Hope you are enjoying your weather out there too. By the way, have you learned any new Japanese words recently? There are a few words/expressions I would like to share with you before May goes away. 🙂

Today’s topic came from this new exercise routine that I picked up a few months ago. This was something I had never tried in the past, and it was super hard at the beginning, but before I knew it, even though I am still learning every day, I totally fell in love with it. 🙂 If you ask me what I am up to recently, this is the word I would be using to explain…””Muchu (むちゅう,夢中)” ( I just found out that this is also a name of one of the villages in Nepal (it might be pronounced differently than Japanese though.))  This is such an easy word to remember, but so useful to know. Below are some key sentences you would like to remember. Read on~


Muchu (むちゅう,夢中) = crazy about ~, into ~ , crazy about ~, addicted to ~, passionate about ~, obsessed with~,


I am crazy about studying Japanese.

Nihongo no benkyo ni muchu desu.

にほんごの べんきょうに むちゅうです。(日本語の 勉強に 夢中です。)



I am crazy about her.

Kanojo ni muchu desu.

かのじょに むちゅう です。(かのじょに むちゅう です。)



I am really into tennis these days.

Saikin wa tenisu ni muchu desu.

さいきんは てにすに むちゅう です。(最近は テニスに 夢中です。)



I am obsessed with action movies.

Action eiga ni muchu desu.

あくしょん えいがに むちゅう です。(アクション 映画に 夢中 です。)



She is so passonate about her work.

Kanojo wa shigoto ni muchu desu.

かのじょは,しごとに むちゅうです。(彼女は 仕事に 夢中です。)



I am obsessed with these coffee macarons.

Kono ko-hī makaron ni muchu desu.

この こーひー まかろんに むちゅう です。(この コーヒー マカロンに 夢中です。)


What are you into these days??



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About the Author: keiko

Born and raised in Japan. She currently lives in U.S. with her husband and two kids.


  1. Boh:

    The new exercise routine is ???

    • keiko:

      @Boh Hi Boh,

      Since you asked, “Zumba” that is. 🙂 Did you guess it right?

  2. keiko:

    Hi Dotti,

    Thanks for posting your comments~. Your sentence will flow smoother if you say, perhaps, 『漫画「新妹魔王の喫約者」に 夢中 です!』 ;)Good try though. Thank you~.