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New Year’s Superstitions Posted by on Jan 5, 2009

The New Year is a time of insecurity and doubt for some people.  To ensure a successful year Korean people may perform rituals that seem strange to Americans.  Some of these rituals are performed out of habit.  Some of them are performed to prevent misfortune.  Whatever the reason, this post will be a combination of funny…

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New Years Games Posted by on Jan 4, 2009

Koreans celebrate the New Year with many traditional games.  Yay!  Games!  Seriously, who doesn’t like games?!  Some of the games that I’m about to list are not actually games, they’re more like traditional activities that people perform during the New Year’s celebrations.  Nonetheless, they’re quite fun and interesting, so remember to enjoy them and have…

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New Years Food Posted by on Jan 3, 2009

Hi everyone!  Let’s talk about what Koreans eat on New Year’s Day.  The typical day of the New Year starts with breakfast.  Breakfast consists of a rice cake soup called ddok-kuk (떡국).  Ddok-kuk (떡국) is a soup made of beef broth with thinly shaped oval rice cakes.  Actually, I’m not sure why Americans call ddok-kuk (떡국) a…

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Yut Nori (윷노리) Posted by on Jan 2, 2009

Yut nori (윷노리) is a traditional Korean game played on New Years.  In Korea, New Years is a holiday that lasts roughly three days.  Technically speaking the official New Years is designed as January 26th of this year.  That’s because on the lunar calendar, the new year begins on the 26th of January.  Sometime during…

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Sul (설) Posted by on Jan 1, 2009

Hi everyone!  This is the first post for 2009!  Todays is Sul nal (설날) or New Years Day in Korea.  The typical phrase you’ll hear is sehe bok mani baduseyo (새해 복 많이 받으세요).  Let’s break this phrase down so that we can understand this quirky greeting.  Sehe (새해) means ‘new year.’  Bok (복) means…

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