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Korean Royal Couples Posted by on Apr 30, 2011

With the wedding of William and Kate in England, interest in the royals is at an all time high. Since the royal wedding in England, I think the question on people’s minds is on whether William and Kate will live happily ever after. As you know, Prince Charles and Diana’s fairy tale wedding did not…

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Korean Mask Dances Posted by on Apr 28, 2011

There are certain traditional Korean mask dances that are considered by the Korean government as  important cultural assets of Korea. One of these mask dances is called Bongsan Talchum (봉산탈춤). It’s a dance that originated from the Bongsan region in Hwanghae Province (황해도). Korean mask dances are often performances that satirize different classes of Korean…

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Hey Toad Posted by on Apr 25, 2011

There is a Korean children’s song about a 두꺼비. A 두꺼비 is a toad. Here’s a video you can sing along to: 두껍아 두껍아 헌집 줄게 새집 다오  (dugguhba dugguhba huhnjip julge sehjip dao) [Hey toad, hey toad, I’ll give you an old house, you give me a new house] 두껍아 두껍아 헌집 줄게 새집…

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Korea’s Greatest Military Leaders Posted by on Apr 18, 2011

There are always a few individuals who have placed the welfare and safety of the Korean nation before themselves. These notable people are generals, admirals, or military commanders who have risked their lives to protect the Korean nation from being invaded and ultimately destroyed. There are too many of these selfless individuals to list, but…

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Kim Il Sung’s Birthday Posted by on Apr 15, 2011

April is the month of Kim Il Sung’s birthday. Kim Il Sung (김일성) is the father of Kim Jong Il (김정일). Kim Il Sung was the man responsible for creating North Korean policies that would continue in his son, Kim Jong Il’s reign. Kim Il Sung is dead now, but despite all the years that…

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Korean Festivals in April Posted by on Apr 11, 2011

Weather wise, April is an awkward time because just when you feel it’s getting warmer, it suddenly rains or gets cold. That’s why it’s sort of risky to hold outdoor festivals in a month like April. There are some awesome April festivals in Korea. Some have been canceled, but some are taking place or will…

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Korean Tea Posted by on Apr 7, 2011

What’s a great way to stay trim and quench your thirst at the same time? It’s simple, drink tea! Here are some of the most common herbal teas that Korean people drink: Boricha (보리차) is basically barley tea. The barley that is used to make this drink is unhulled and roasted before it is stewed…

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