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Korean Festivals in April Posted by on Apr 11, 2011 in Culture

Weather wise, April is an awkward time because just when you feel it’s getting warmer, it suddenly rains or gets cold. That’s why it’s sort of risky to hold outdoor festivals in a month like April. There are some awesome April festivals in Korea. Some have been canceled, but some are taking place or will take place rain or shine:

The Mungyeong Traditional Tea Bowl Festival (문경전통찻사발축제) is scheduled to begin on the thirtieth of April to the eighth of May. This is a hands-on festival where you can learn about Korean tea ceremony and sample some teas used in Korean tea ceremonies. There will also be a potter’s wheel contest and a tea bowl design contest. There will also be demonstration classes where you can watch experts work with clay and fire them in a kiln.

In addition to being educational the Goryeong Daegaya Experience Festival (대가체험축제) is super fun. The Daegaya Kingdom existed 1.500 years ago and this festival recreates the daily existence of the Daegaya people. There are special demonstrations on making clothing, bowstrings, housing huts, fruit candy and watermelon pencils. If you are a competitive person you can also participate in a history quiz and get certified as a honorary expert in Daegaya culture.

The Gwangalli Eobang Festival (광안리어방축제) is a festival that promotes the area’s fishing industry. One of the more popular contests is a fishing contest where each individual tries to catch a fish with his or her bare hands. There are also multiple auctions where the most original and delicious fish dishes are sold to the highest bidder. It’s a family oriented and kid friendly festival where families can make ships out of recycled materials.



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