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Korean Verb Endings: 군요 GunYo Posted by on Jan 25, 2016

Today, you are going to learn verb ending “군요/ GunYo ” which expresses surprise and strong feeling such a wow. In my personal opinion, Korean women use “군요/ GunYo ” more than Korean men just like the last blog ending verb #3. So, it sounds like more kind and friendly. Let’s learn how to use…

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Korean verb endings: 나요 Nayo Posted by on Jan 18, 2016

Today, you will learn another verb ending which is “나요/Nayo” which expresses one’s wondering and supervise; it is for interrogative sentences and exclamation. The grammar pattern is “Verb + 나요 (먹다 + 나요 = 먹나요)”. When you use this verb ending, it sounds like you have really good Korean skills. In my personal opinion, more…

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Korean Verb Endings: 네요 Posted by on Jan 11, 2016

Today, you are going to learn one of most common verb ending “네요/Nae yo/”. It is a verb ending and an exclamation.  For instance, I didn’t know: 몰랐네요 instead of 몰랐어요. It is the same meaning of “I didn’t know”, but the sounds will be different when you hear in Korean.  Please read more examples…

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Korean Verb Endings: 지, 죠 Posted by on Jan 4, 2016

Today,  you are going to learn one of useful verb ending in Korean. In the video below has good examples you can practice and study. I just want to add more explanation that 지 is expression of talk down, so you can use it only to your friend or young children. However, 죠 is abbreviation…

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