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Fun Facts Quiz of Squid Game (Part 2) Posted by on Nov 4, 2021

As far as I remember, of the many Korean tv shows I had watched in the past, most were dramas. There are, however, many different types of television shows in the Korean market. A recent Korean TV show, 오징어 게임 (oh-jing-uh-game: Squid Game), is one of them. Set in a dystopian future, this series has…

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Fun Facts Quiz of Squid Game (Part 1) Posted by on Oct 26, 2021

I don’t watch a lot of tv shows, but I can’t resist good shows, especially if it is a Korean show. One day, a group of my gym friends was talking about a TV show. I naturally joined the conversation and they asked me if I was watching the show: 오징어 게임 (oh-jing-uh-game: Squid Game)…

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Korean Archaic Words That Might Help You Enjoy Korean Dramas Posted by on Apr 26, 2021

I know K-Drama is popular all over the world, but I am often surprised by how many people, who enjoy Korean dramas, I run into. I often binge-watch some of them as well. I know, they can be addictive.      Among Korean dramas, I particularly like to watch 사극 (sah-geuk: historical drama). When I…

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Minari: Tastes of Korean Sentiments Posted by on Apr 13, 2021

Have you seen a movie called 미나리 (Minari: water celery) yet? I strongly recommend you watch it if you haven’t. The movie poignantly, but beautifully describes how a Korean family settles in a foreign land.    미나리 is a type of plant that grows in Asian countries. In Korean cuisine, 미나리 is a frequent food…

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