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Fun Facts Quiz of Squid Game (Part 1) Posted by on Oct 26, 2021

I don’t watch a lot of tv shows, but I can’t resist good shows, especially if it is a Korean show. One day, a group of my gym friends was talking about a TV show. I naturally joined the conversation and they asked me if I was watching the show: 오징어 게임 (oh-jing-uh-game: Squid Game)…

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Soul Nourishing Food Kimchi Posted by on Aug 16, 2021

I am currently in a country where daily COVID-19 cases are mercilessly going up. 봉쇄령 (bong-sea-ryung: Lockdown) has been ordered a long ago and it seems to be continually 연기되다 (yeon-gi-dwe-dah: extended).  During the lockdown, I was looking for something to do at home. One of the activities I chose to do at home was…

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Korean Street Food Posted by on Jul 26, 2021

My Memories of Korean Street Food When I was a teenager, I remember food hawkers were displayed endlessly near my school. It was a daily temptation because the food from street vendors was genuinely delicious to hungry little humans. My mom used to scold me if I had 길거리 음식 (gil-guh-ri-eum-sik: street food) on the…

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The Analysis of Korean Cuisine (Part 2) Posted by on May 26, 2021

As I promised in the last post, I will talk more about the characteristics of Korean cuisine.  I am a foodie who deeply appreciates good foods from all over the world. Among them, Korean food is special to me not only because of its familiarity as a home county food, but its health benefits. Korean…

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The Analysis of Korean Cuisine (Part 1) Posted by on May 16, 2021

If you enjoy Korean food, how much do you know about Korean food? If you can think about Kimchi, Bibimbop and Bulgogi as Korean food, that is a good start.  However, Korean food is more than these dishes. I have been noticing distinctive characteristics about my home county food as a native Korean who deeply…

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