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Colors Posted by on May 28, 2009 in Korean Language

Let’s go over sekkkal (색깔) or colors in Korean! Before I begin, I just want to mention that some of the colors are written and pronounced differently from when they have a counter, while others don’t have any changes in spelling at all.

blue – 파랑색. Blue chair: 파란 의자.

white – 하양색/흰색. White house: 하얀 집/흰집

red – 빨강색. Red bag: 빨간 가방.

yellow – 노랑색. Yellow watch: 노란 시계.

orange – 주황색/오렌지. Orange flower: 주환 꽃/오렌지 꽃

pink – 분홍색/핑크색. Pink ring: 분혼 반지/핑크 반지

purple – 보라색/자주색. Purple hair: 바라색 머리/자주색 머리

green – 녹색/초록색. Green desk: 녹색 책상/초록색 책상

light brown/dark brown – 갈색/밤색. Brown tree: 갈색 나무/밤색 나무

gray – 회색. Grey mouse: 회색 쥐

silver – 은색. Silver necklace: 은색 목걸이

gold – 금색. Gold earring: 금색 귀걸이



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  1. Sarau:

    Thank you for the video. It really helped clear up the confusion I had. Sorry to say, I couldn’t read your post ’cause I don’t have the ability to read foreign writing . . . only English. I’m trying to learn Korean and it’s slow going, so this kind of site is a wonderful source.