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Impeached South Korean President Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 in History, Korean Language, Vocabulary

Do you know what has been going on in South Korea recently? Why did South Korea become a hot potato in the media again?

This week’s post is a follow-up of my last article,  A Crisis In Korean presidency.

박근혜 (Park Geun-hye) is a daughter of the third 대통령 (president), 박정희 (Park Chung-hee), and she became the first female president of South Korea. She served the 18th presidential term. So called “최순실 게이트 (Choi Soon-sil gate)” rocked South Korea last year, and Choi’s influence on President Park led millions of Korean citizens to protest for President Park’s 탄핵 (impeachment).

Since Friday, December 9, 2016, President Park has been awaiting a 판결 (verdict) for her impeachment in the 청와대 (Presidential Blue House), which was also her childhood home during her father’s presidency. On Friday, March 10, 2017, eight judges of the 헌법재판소 (Constitutional Court) in South Korea upheld President Park’s impeachment in a 만장일치의 (unanimous) 8-0 decision. An announcement of this court ruling erupted a violent protest of Park supporters: According to authorities, 3 people were confirmed dead and about 30 were injured. Anti-Park protestors also took to the street after the verdict: They were urging the arrest of Park.

A new presidential 선거 (election) will be held within 60 days, and until then Prime minister Hwang Kyo-ahn will continue with his role as acting president of the country. Ironically, Park left the Presidential Blue House after her mother and father’s 암살 (assassination) during her father’s presidency, and this will be her second tragic departure from this house. Currently South Korea’s future is attracting attention from many people around the world. People are curious as to how South Korea’s new president will deal with the political turmoil and security challenges of the nation. They are also wondering what Park’s future course of action will be since her power has been stripped, and she no longer holds 면책 (immunity) from criminal indictment.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

***Related Vocabulary***

  1. 박근혜 (Park Geun-hye)
  2. 대통령 (president)
  3. 박정희 (Park Chung-hee)
  4. 최순실 게이트 (Choi Soon-sil gate)
  5. 탄핵 (impeachment)
  6. 판결 (verdict)
  7. 청와대 (Presidential Blue House
  8. 헌법재판소 (Constitutional Court)
  9. 만장일치의 (unanimous)
  10. 선거 (election)
  11. 암살 (assassination)
  12. 면책 (immunity)

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