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K-Pop, SHINee’s Countless Posted by on Sep 13, 2018 in Korean Language, Vocabulary

Have you listend to SHINee’s new release, “Countless” recently? If you enjoy listening to K-pop, you might find yourself bobbing your head and tapping your feet in time with this song. One of the global K-pop boy bands, SHINee’s new song, “Countless” has the groovy beat and a tropical house tune that will give great vibe to your mood.

While I was listening to 샤이니 (SHINee)’s new 노래 (song) 셀 수 없는 (countless), I had an urge to write an article about this song. Even for a beginner Korean 학생 (students), this song can become a great source to learn 한국어 (the Korean language) because of 셀 수 없는 ’s interesting 가사 (lyrics). 가사 of 셀 수 없는  use the letters in 한글 (the Korean alphabet) and 숫자 (counting words) to form a  사행시 (similar to acrostic poems in English). 샤이니 ’s 셀 수 없는 is a great way to immerse yourself into leaning 한글 and to enjoy listening to a K-pop song. The following examples use 한글  and 숫자  in the lyrics.

  1. Pure Korean Numbers:

Photo by KLM

These Korean numbers, 하나 (1) &  (2)change their forms when they are used with counters.

            하나  [ha-na] becomes 한 [han] with a counter

            둘 [dool] becomes 두 [doo] with a counter

Photo by KLM

  1. 한글 (Korean alphabet)

Photo by KLM


   consonants        a vowel

가  [ga]            ㄱ                      ㅏ

나  [na]            ㄴ                     ㅏ

다  [da]            ㄷ                     ㅏ

라  [ra]            ㄹ                     ㅏ

Along with 한글 and 숫자,  you will also hear many Korean words that are frequently used in K-pops, such as:

  1. 꿈  [ggoom]  :  dream
  2. 사랑  [sa-lang]  :  love
  3. 생각  [sang-gak]  :  thought
  4.  [byeol]  :  star
  5.  [bam] :  night
  6. 이유  [ee-you] :  reason
  7. 현실  [hyeon-sil]  :  reality

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

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