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Korean Numbers 1-100 Posted by on Mar 25, 2010 in Grammar, Vocabulary

I know we’ve already gone over the numbers, but I made this chart of Korean numbers 1 – 100 so that you could compare the native Korean numbers along with the Sino Korean numbers. Just for good measure, I threw in zero as well. 🙂

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 Numerals  Sino Korean Numbers  Native Korean Numbers  Hanja
 0  영/공  –  零/〇
 1  일  하나  一
 2  이  둘  二
 3  삼  셋  三
 4  사  넷  四
 5  오  다섯  五
 6  육  여섯  六
 7  칠  일곱  七
 8  팔  여덟  八
 9  구  아홉  九
 10  십  열  十
 11  십일  열 하나  十一
 12  십이  열 둘  十二
 13  십삼  열 셋  十三
 14  십사  열 넷  十四
 15  십오  열 다섯  十五
 16  십육  열 여섯  十六
 17  십칠  열 일곱  十七
 18  십팔  열 여덟  十八
 19  십구  열 아홉  十九
 20  이십  스물  二十
 21  이십 일  스물 하나  二十一
 22  이십 이  스물 둘  二十二
 23  이십 삼  스물 셋  二十三
 24  이십 사  스물 넷  二十四
 25  이십 오  스물 다섯  二十五
 26  이십 육  스물 여섯  二十六
 27  이십 칠  스물 일곱  二十七
 28  이십 팔  스물 여덟  二十八
 29  이십 구  스물 아홉  二十九
 30  삼십  서른  三十
 40  사십  마흔  四十
 50  오십  쉰  五十
 60  육십  예순  六十
 70  칠십  일흔  七十
 80  팔십  여든  八十
 90  구십  아흔  九十
 100  백  –  百

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  1. Melissa:

    I was recently looking for these! i still have trouble memorizing them.. but how do i know which ones to use in a situation (ex: buying clothes or age)?

    • Rujman:

      @Melissa Sino Korean numbers are used for things like telephone number and dates. Native Korean numbers are used with normal everyday objects like the number of pots or something of that sort. I’m not a 100% sure which are used for age and buying clothes but I think it’s the Sino Korean ones

    • Chrissy:

      @Melissa The Sino number system is used for dates, money, phone numbers, addresses and numbers over 100. The native korean numbers are used for age and counting objects, if I’m not mistaken

    • Tammy:

      @Melissa I don’t think it would matter, i think it would be the grammar that would be different not the number, becuase you know how in english we have just one set of numbers so it’s the same for everything Ex. ONE dollar ONE years old ONE of those. So i think it would be the wording please note i’m not korean nor am i an expert xD

  2. Emelia:

    I ve problem with the use of vowels and consonants

  3. Jomar:

    I’m just wondered for this..
    when do i use subject particle to make sentence correct to pronounce?

  4. Florence:

    In Korean there are two sets of numbers, one is native Korean numbers, the other set is Sino-Korean numbers, which are used more in general. Native Korean is used for telling time ONLY hours, amounts of hours, amounts of months, and numbers of age. Sino-Korean is used for telling time ONLY minutes and seconds, as well as dates and months of the year. Also amount of money/currency, Maths, measurements and phone numbers, addresses, floors of building and everything else.

  5. Uma:

    It would be of great help if the Korean numbers are transliterated.

  6. Jiho Hong:

    Pure Korean for ‘hundred’ is “On” 온
    I’m not sure why that is shown as if it does not exist.