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Korean Onomatopoeia Posted by on Jun 21, 2011 in Korean Language

Korean is a language with a lot of onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates or suggests the sounds that they describe. Have you heard of the following onomatopoeia?

1. !

2. 톡톡

3. 두근두근

4. 빵빵

5. !

6. 쿨쿨

7. 꿀꿀

8. 띵동

9. 엉엉

10. 멍멍

11. 똑똑

12. 훨훨


14. 개굴개굴

15. 빤짝빤짝

1. Bang! (Ex: when gun is being fired)

2. Tap tap (Ex: tapping something out of a can)

3. Thump thump (Ex: sound of heart throbbing)

4. Honk honk (Ex: sound of horn honking)

5. (Ex: sound of door slam)

6. Zzz…(Ex: snoring sound)

7. Oink oink (sound pigs make)

8. ding dong (sound of doorbell)

9. Boo hoo (sound of crying)

10. Wolf wolf (sound that dogs make)

11. Knock knock (knocking on door sound)

12. Flap flap (wings flapping [like that of a butterfly])

13. Thud! (sound of heavy thing falling)

14. Ribit ribit (sound of frog croaking)

15. Twinkle twinkle (sound of something sparkling/glittering [like a star])



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