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Minsok Chun (민속촌) Posted by on Jan 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Minsok Chun (민속촌) is a Korean folk village in Youngin (용인) province.  It’s a living museum of how Korean people lived; way before any contact with foreign nations.  If you go to Minsok Chun (민속촌), you’ll get to see what Korean people did and how they spent their time.  This is the age before television, so imagine a time before central plumbing and electric heating and you get Minsok Chun (민속촌).  If you go to Minsok Chun (민속촌) for the Deborum (대보름) festival, you’ll see a wonderful parade with all sorts of traditional entertainment.

Minsok Chun (민속촌) is a museum with a wealth of knowledge.  They have various workshops where you can see how everything was made by hand.  For example, I’d recommend the pottery workshop.  You’ll see the actual ovens potters used to make porcelain bowls and cups.  The pots have a green-blue color to them when they are done baking in the kilns.  These pots are called bunchong sagi (분청사기).

There’s also a worksop demonstrating the way paper was made a long time ago.  You get to see each and every step including the part where the paper maker boils some water and adds some tree bark and dakpul (닥풀).  Dakpul (닥풀) is a type of grass where it is mixed with water to form a pulp, which is then dried to make paper.

Lastly, there’s also a candy workshop where yot () is made.  Yot () is a brown taffy colored candy made from rice and other grains.  You can see how it’s made and buy some to taste as well. 

Admission to minsok chun (민속촌) is around 10 U.S. dollars for adults, $7 for seniors and and $6 for children.  I suggest going on special holidays and festivals because they usually have some kind of extravagent show prepared for special occasions.

Minsok chun (민속촌) is an educational, but a fun experience.  Just go there, and you’ll see what I mean!  That’s it for today guys!  See you next time!

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