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Oppa, Unni, Hyung, and Noona: Age isn’t just a number in Korea Posted by on Jul 11, 2018

If you are a big fan of K-pops, K-movies, and K-dramas, you often hear the following nouns by themselves or coming after someone’s name. : 오빠(oppa), 언니(unni), 형(hyung), and 누나(noona). Do you know what they mean? Have you ever found yourself scratching your head because you are being asked this somewhat private question, “몇 살이에요? (How old…

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Vacations in South Korea: Gangwon-do Posted by on Jul 4, 2018

Do you prefer spending your summer vacation in the mountains or at the beach? Many South Korean people enjoy their summer vacations in mid July and August. They will be attracted to populous destinations all over the country. Many Koreans, especially who live in Seoul (the capital of South Korea), will travel outside of the…

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“And” in Korean Posted by on Jun 27, 2018

Do you know how to say ‘and’ in Korean? There are several ways to say ‘and’ in Korean. In this post, we will focus on “-하고,” which is one of the most commonly used forms of ‘and’ in Korean. These are three examples of ‘and’ that you can use in Korean when you combine two…

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“What Is Your Favorite Sport?” in Korean Posted by on Jun 20, 2018

What is your favorite sport to play or watch? Have you been watching the 21stFIFA World Cup that is happening in Russia now? If you have Korean friends or co-workers, you would quickly learn many Korean people enjoy watching sports and cheer on their teams together. This post is about how to ask someone’s preference…

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Korean Movie: Joint Security Area Posted by on Jun 13, 2018

Do you enjoy watching Korean movies? What is your favorite Korean movie? This post is about Joint Security Area, a Korean movie that reflects historical, political, and geographical situations of the Korean peninsula after the Korean War. This film could be refreshing to both those who toured around the DMZ and Panmunjeom and who have…

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