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Welcome to the second part of Scavenger Hunt at a Korean Supermarket. I hope you are somewhat familiar with a Korean supermarket now. Going to a Korean supermarket could help you practice your Korean skills and become acquainted with Korean food.

In my last post, I introduced several kinds of Korean (rice), common청과물 (fresh produce) that is used in Korean cooking, 두부 (tofu) for various cooking purposes, and essential Korean 양념 (seasonings) for your pantry. In the second post of series, I will introduce you to 해산물 (seafood), 육류 (meat), Korean 라면 (Ramyun: instant noodles), some popular prepackaged 냉동식품 (frozen foods), and 반찬 코너 (side dish corner).


해산물 (Seafood)

In the back side of the store, you will not only find fresh, frozen, or dried seafood items but also be fascinated to see live blue crabs and several kinds of fish swimming around in an aquarium. These are popularly consumed 해산물 (seafood) by Korean people: 고등어 (mackerels), 갈치 (hairtails), 꽃게 (blue crabs), 대구 (cods) , 조기 (croakers), 오징어 (squids), 조개 (clams).


육류 (Meat)

If you are a big fan of Korean BBQ, do not miss this section. In this section, you will be able to find thin-sliced rib eye for 불고기 (Bulgogi), 삼겹살 (pork belly slices), or 갈비 (short ribs) of your choice. You can also find steaks, chickens, and marinated Korean BBQ in this section. If you plan to make a Korean BBQ someday, you can grab a bottle of Korean BBQ sauce here, too.


라면 (Ramyun: instant noodles)

This is my favorite isle because 라면 (ramyun: instant noodles) is such a quick and easy way to experience tasty Korean cuisine, furthermore I have good memories of sharing 라면 with my friends and family members as a late night snack. You will be amazed with the endless selection of 라면. If you do not mind spending some time in this section, you would find various kinds of 라면 to satisfy your pallets such as: spicy flavored 라면, mild flavored 라면, seafood flavored 라면, 짜장라면 (black bean paste ramyun), Kimchi flavored 라면, and 비빔라면 (spicy flavored noodles without soups).


냉동식품 (Frozen Foods)

냉동식품 (frozen foods) section is useful to look around. If you want a convenient way to enjoy Korean food, there are many kinds of prepackaged frozen foods with simple recipes: you can simply heat up, steam, or fry them on the stove, or you can find delicious microwavable food for your convenience as well. The following are popular frozen favorites: 만두 (Korean dumplings), 볶음밥 (fried rice), 국수 (noodles), 오뎅 (fish cakes), 호떡 (Korean sweet pancake with brown sugar syrup) , 요구르트 (Korean yogurt drinks), 떡볶이 (spicy Korean rice cakes). I like to keep a bag of 만두, my friends’ favorite Korean snack, in my freezer because 만두 is easy to heat up and share.


반찬 코너 (Side Dish Corner)

Your last stop could be a 반찬 코너 (side dish corner). It is like a delicatessen where you will find fully prepared food or dishes that require little preparation to serve. This section will have mouthwatering authentic Korean food in containers for you to take home. In addition to numerous 반찬 (side dishes) such as packaged 김치 (Kimchi), 잡채 (Korean sweet potato starch noodles with meat and vegetables), (pancakes), 감자조림 (braised potatoes), you can grab (soups), 찌개 (stews), or some packed dishes that take little preparation for serving. Many arrays of delicious Korean food will make your eyes happy.

I am ready to make my next Korean grocery list.

How about you? I hope this article will encourage you to visit a Korean supermarket.

I would love to hear about your Korean grocery list.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

***Related Vocabulary***


  1. (rice)
  2. 청과 (fresh produce)
  3. 두부 (tofu)
  4. 양념 (seasonings)
  5. 해산물 (seafood)
  6. 육류 (meat)
  7. 라면 (Ramyun: instant noodles)
  8. 냉동식품 (frozen food)
  9. 반찬 코너 (side dish corner)
  10. 해산물 (seafood)
  11. 고등어 (mackerels)
  12. 갈치 (hairtails)
  13. 꽃게 (blue crabs)
  14. 대구 (cods)
  15. 조기 (croakers)
  16. 오징어 (squids)
  17. 조개 (clams)
  18. 불고기 (Bulgogi)
  19. 삼겹살 (pork belly slices)
  20. 갈비 (short ribs)
  1. 짜장라면 (black bean paste ramyun)
  2. 비빔라면 (spicy flavored noodles without soups)
  3. 만두 (Korean dumplings)
  4. 볶음밥 (fried rice)
  5. 국수 (noodles)
  6. 오뎅 (fish cakes)
  7. 호떡 (Korean sweet pancake with brown sugar syrup)
  8. 요구르트 (Korean yogurt drinks)
  9. 떡볶이 (spicy Korean rice cakes)
  10. 반찬 (side dishes)
  11. 김치 (Kimchi)
  12. 잡채 (Korean sweet potato starch noodles with meat and vegetables)
  13. (pancakes)
  14. 감자조림 (braised potatoes)
  15. (soups)
  16. 찌개 (stews)
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