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Striking Fall Foliage in South Korea Posted by on Oct 24, 2018 in Vocabulary

Korea has four distinctive seasons, and fall is such a pleasant time to enjoy outdoor scenery throughout the country. Striking fall foliage contrasts with bright fall sky that is saturated with deep blue color. Along with gorgeous fall leaves and sky, cool and fresh air draw in countless people to outdoors to explore the fall season in Korea.

Peak Time to Enjoy Fall Foliage

가을 (Fall) in Korea lasts 구월 (September) though 십일월 (November), and it is a great season to immerse yourself in the crisp fall 날씨 (weather) and breathtaking 풍경 (scenery) outside. Depending on the region, the perk of 단풍 (fall foliage) season varies. It usually starts in the northeast regions at the end of September and continues to the southern part of South Korea until early November. In the mid-October and early November, Koreans venture to many different 장소 (sites), to enjoy the 나뭇잎 (leaves) which burst into vibrant 색깔 (colors) and 아름다운 풍경 (picturesque landscapes).


Places to Visit

There are countless places to enjoy fall’s vibrant colors. Many people make a trip to the countryside or mountains throughout the country. The following are popular parks and mountains that many Korean people visit. 설악산 국립공원 (Seoraksan National Park), 오대산 국립공원 (Odaesan Nation Park), 지리산 국립공원 (Jirisan National park), 북한산 국립공원 (Bukhansan National Park), 내장산 국립공원 (Naejangsan National Park), 무등산 국립공원 (Mudeungsan National Park), 한라산 국립공원 (Hallasan Naitonal Park).

Visiting many traditional palaces and parks in Seoul is also a great way to surround yourself with striking fall sights. Especially, 삼청동 (Samcheong-dong road) and 덕수궁 돌담길 (Deoksu Palace Stone Wall Road) are my favorite roads to stroll, which offer the quaint ambiance of the fall in Seoul. Traditional stonewalls  along  the 덕수궁 (Deoksu Palace) and 경복궁 (Gyeongbok Palace) offer cultural experiences, and streets covered with fan-shaped bright yellow 은행잎(gingko leaves) also make a walk gratifying. During the scenic stroll, there are small galleries and stores to explore the modern atmosphere of South Korea as well. These roads are great sites to enjoy both traditional and modern ambiances.

Fall in South Korea is a wonderful time to explore and feast your eyes and mind.

감사합니다! (Thank you!)

***Related Vocabulary***

  1. 가을  (Fall)
  2. 구월  (September)
  3. 십일월  (November)
  4. 날씨  (weather)
  5. 풍경  (scenery)
  6. 단풍  (fall foliage)
  7. 장소  (sites)
  8. 나뭇잎  (leaves)
  9. 색깔  (color)
  10. 아름다운 풍경  (picturesque landscape)
  11. 설악산 국립공원  (Seoraksan National Park)
  12. 오대산 국립공원  (Odaesan Nation Park)
  13. 지리산  국립공원  (Jirisan National park)
  14. 북한산 국립공원  (Bukhansan National Park)
  15. 내장산 국립공원  (Naejangsan National Park)
  16. 무등산 국립공원  (Mudeungsan National Park)
  17. 한라산  (Hallasan National Park)
  18. 삼청동   (Samcheong-dong road)
  19. 덕수궁 돌담길  (Deoksu Palace Stone Wall Road)
  20. 덕수궁  (Deoksu Palace)
  21. 경복궁  (Gyeongbok Palace)
  22. 은행잎  (gingko leaves)
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