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Korea’s Jeju Island, a Vacation Worth the Fight Posted by on Aug 12, 2014

Jeju Island (제주도), Korea’s national pride, a popular regional vacation and honeymoon spot, was turned into one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World after a long and successful PR campaign for what essentially is little more than a PR title. The reason one must go to the self-proclaimed “Korean Hawaii” is not solely for…

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Korean Waterfalls Posted by on Sep 12, 2011

Some people mistakenly believe that all the waterfalls in South Korea are in Jeju Island (제주도), (If you don’t know what I mean, go here: but that’s simply not true. There are waterfalls all over Korea, including one in Donghae City (동해시) of Gangwon Pronvince (강원도) called Ssang Falls (쌍푹포). Ssang Falls is a…

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Korean Waterfalls Posted by on Jun 26, 2010

Around this time of the year, visitors rush to see the scenic waterfalls on Jeju Island (제주도). Here are the three must see waterfalls on this island : The 천제연폭포 is a three tiered waterfall, where the water eventually flows to the ocean. Take a look at this video. Can you see the blue-green beauty…

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