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Korean Waterfalls Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Culture

Some people mistakenly believe that all the waterfalls in South Korea are in Jeju Island (제주도), (If you don’t know what I mean, go here: https://blogs.transparent.com/korean/korean-waterfalls) but that’s simply not true. There are waterfalls all over Korea, including one in Donghae City (동해시) of Gangwon Pronvince (강원도) called Ssang Falls (쌍푹포). Ssang Falls is a beautiful waterfall that has been in the inspiration for local poets for many centuries.

Paraeso Falls (파래소폭포) is a waterfall in Ulsan City (울산시) in Ulju County (울주군). To see the waterfalls up close, you’ll have to hike up a rugged path. The path is inside a forest where it is connected to a valley. When you get to the valley there you will see Paraeso Falls. There is also a one hour walk from the bus stop to the hiking trail, so seeing the Paraeso Falls is not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth it. The pond were the water from the Paraeso Fall gathers is a lovely sea-green color!

Unlike Paraeso Falls, Gugok Falls (구곡폭포) is in Chuncheon City (춘천시) is relatively easy to get to. It only takes twenty minutes by foot to get to the Gugok Falls. The waters from the Gugok Falls fall by dropping on different rock formations on the cliff. It’s amazing to see such water swerving and twisting before it drops straight into the pond below for about fifty meters. It’s one of those waterfalls that is easily accessible so much so that kids can join too!

Daeseung Falls (대승폭포) is located in Inje County (인제군). Since the Silla Era, Daeseung Falls has been a major relaxation spot. That’s because the natural surroundings of Daeseung Falls is unsurpassed in its beauty. For many generations, Inje County has had the lowest population density of any South Korean city. The low population is one of the reasons why Daeseung Falls had stayed quite pristine and unpolluted over the years.

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